Hi I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and today I am going to talk about how to clean your gutter down spout with the LintEater Rotary Cleaning System. It is a really simple process and it is a handy tool to have, not only to keep your dryer vent system clean but also to keep your gutter down spouts free of blockages. So today I am going to talk you through the steps to cleaning your down spouts but if you would like to watch my video of the demonstration click here.

Video Highlights: 0:21 What you are going to need 0:28 Flexible Rods 0:50 Blockage Removal Tool 1:03 Getting Started 1:43 Adding Rod Lengths 2:40 Time to clean out the blockages 3:18 Removing the LintEater System

Included in the LintEater System

Let’s get started by going over what is included in the box of the LintEater Rotary Cleaning System. You are not going to need all of the included items for cleaning your gutter down spout but you should be aware of all that you will be getting.

You are first going to get 4 of the 36 inch flexible rods. The rods extreme flexibility will help them to navigate through the dryer venting. If you have any bends in the venting these rods will allow you to still get in there and clean without having to take the venting apart. Each rods is going to thread together to give you up to 12 feet of reach. It is recommended that while you are using the LintEater system that you use a heavy duty tape on each of the connections to ensure that they do not come apart while in the venting.

There are a few different attachments that are included the first being the Blockage Removal Tool that I mentioned earlier. This tool is going to thread right onto the end of a rod and can be used to do just as its name suggests. You can remove blockages from your venting; it is even a great tool to remove blockages in your gutter’s down spout as well.

The next attachment is the Self-Feeding 4″ Auger Brush that will allow you to easily make multiple turns while you’re cleaning your dryer vent. This brush is the main brush that you will be using to clean the lint out of the exhaust venting. The self-feeding feature is going to help you work through the venting and get around those bends without hassle.

The Large 2.5″ Diameter LintEater Lint Brush in conjunction with one 36’’ rod will give you an exceptional 42″ reach to get all the way to the bottom of your lint trap. You will be amazed at what it gets out, I know we were! The exceptional reach also makes it a snap to clean behind, underneath and all around your dryer. If needed the lint brush is able to be curved or bent to get into those hard to reach areas and then returned right back to its original shape. You can use it to clean under appliances, baseboard heating vents or any other hard to reach areas.

The LintEater System includes an adapter to connect a vacuum or leaf blower to the inside end of the vent. The Vacuum Adapter will allow you to use the air from a shop vacuum or leaf blower to push the lint to the outside end of the vent while cleaning with the LintEater rotary brush.

Not everyone has a shop vac or leaf blower handy so you also get a Dryer Adapter with your LintEater Dryer Vent Cleaning System. If you don’t have a shop vacuum or leaf blower, you can use the dryer air to push the lint to the outside end of the vent while cleaning with this adapter.

Follow these Steps to clean a Down Spout with the LintEater Rotary System

All we will need to begin is the LintEater Rotary System and a clutched cordless drill. The only items out of the LintEater Rotary System that you will need are the drill attachment, rods, and the blockage removal tool.

  1. First begin by attaching the blockage removal tool to the end of the first rod. Make sure that the attachment is tightened on the rod very well so that it does not come loose while cleaning.
  2. Feed the rod into the down spout to see if you run into any blockages. If not than you know you are going to need more rod length before getting started. I started out with 2 lengths of rods.
  3. Wrap the rod connection sites with a heavy duty tape so they are more secure (optional, but recommended).
  4. Attach the drill adapter to the other end of the rod and then attach it to the drill.
  5. Now you can begin to clean out the down spout. Make sure that the drill is always going in a clockwise rotation and that you are pushing the tool in further as it rotates.
  6. Add rod lengths one at a time as needed until you reach the top of the down spout.
  7. When removing the system from the down spout continue the clockwise rotation while pulling it out. Remove the rod lengths as you bring them out of the down spout.

Well that is really all that is to cleaning out your down spout with the LintEater Rotary Cleaning System. It makes this tedious task actually very simple.

I hope that you found this information helpful but if you still have questions regarding the LintEater Rotary System please feel free to leave your questions in the comments section and I will be sure to answer them as promptly as possible. Here at NorthlineExpress, home of the Buy and Try Satisfaction Guarantee, we are always happy to help.