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Hi, I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and today I’m going to talk about the best cleaning product recommendations for sprucing up a dirty fireplace. I will cover the best cleaners for gas and wood fireplaces separately and at the end of this video you will know exactly which cleaning product is right for your fireplace.

Video Highlights: 0:15 Cleaning Glass in a Wood Burning Fireplace 0:45 Cleaning Glass in a Gas Fireplace 1:03 Cleaning Up Ashes in a Wood Burning Fireplace 1:24 Cleaning Up Soot in a Gas Fireplace 1:37 Cleaning Soot from the Fireplace Brick

The Best Cleaning Product for Glass Doors

If you have fireplace doors and burn wood you are probably very familiar with the soot build up on your fireplace doors. While it does look bad did you know that when you do not clean the glass it also cuts down on the thermal conductivity of the glass? Well it does, 1/32’’ of soot has the same insulating factors as 2” of asbestos insulation. For this I recommend a cleaning product from Stove Brite. It is their Glass Cleaner which cuts through baked on carbon and creosote deposits without leaving any streaks behind. It is also a great general purpose cleaner to use throughout your home.

To clean a gas fireplace or gas logs with glass fireplace doors the best cleaning product to use is the White-Off Glass Cleaner. This safe, non-abrasive cream formula works instantly to remove white mineral residue from gas log fires. It cleans without scratching or micro-pitting the glass, and is also great for cleaning ceramic cook top stoves.

Cleaning Up Soot and Ashes

When your home has a wood burning fireplace you know all about cleaning up ashes. Having an ash vacuum is the best cleaning product to have for ashes. The Cougar Quiet Ash Vacuum is a safe and more efficient canister vacuum for cleaning your fireplace than a standard household vacuum or shop vac. With a fire-resistant hose and a specially designed, dual filtering system for ash, it solves the problem of removing ashes from fireplaces safely.

A cleaning product to use for removing the soot from a set of gas logs is the Gas Log Soot Remover. It is a powerful spray-on cleaner that removes soot build-up from gas logs making them look like new. It will not clog gas orifices, harm burners, or discolor ceramic gas logs.

Cleaning Soot from the Fireplace Brick

Cleaning a fireplace that has a lot of soot and carbon build up on the inside or outside brick does not have to be a job that requires a lot of elbow grease. You need to try ChimneyRX Paint and Peel Fireplace Cleaner. This product is so effective and easy to use that you’re going to be left wondering how you ever lived without it.

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Paint it on, let it dry, and peel it off. When you let this cleaning product dry and peel it off, you will take with it the smoke, soot, creosote, and dirt stains that once coated your fireplace’s brick walls. It gives your fireplace and instant face lift!

I hope that you found this video helpful but if you have questions about products for cleaning your fireplace please give us a call at 866-667-8454. Here at NorthlineExpress, home of the Buy and Try Satisfaction Guarantee, we are always happy to help.