I am sure most of you serious wood burners out there have experienced trying to get a stubborn fire going by blowing on it until your lungs are hurting or you have a set of old fashioned bellows that are just not as simple to use. That is why our Power Bellows is a great product to start fires with.

No More Hassles use the Power Bellows

The Power Bellows will take the hassle away from those of you who use wood on a regular basis to heat your home. They are even good for getting a campfire going outside or use a charcoal grill regularly.

This product is going to do exactly what a set of traditional bellows would do, but without the manual labor. It runs off of two “D” batteries that are not included. You will install the batteries by simply squeezing the cover at the rear and pulling open the front cover, put the batteries in place according to the diagram on the inside cover, then replace the cover and it is all ready to go.

Push and release the button to start the generous airflow, and that is going to get it running.

Now to use the Power Bellows you will just simply turn the unit on and place it near or under your fire pointed at a glowing area until the flames reach the intensity that you want. Having the added airflow is really going to make the fire start to roar. That is because the air is a fuel for fire and it is going to help that intense fire grow. The Power Bellows will cause the fire to burn with greater intensity and heat.

Obviously smoke, hot ashes, sparks and fire can be hazardous. The nozzle and body of the Power Bellows are fire-retardant and high-temperature resistant but may soften at excessively high temperatures. If allowed to get too hot, the material and the metal nozzle can cause burns if touched.

Please warn all users against unattended operation. This is a precise tool with working parts – dropping it could damage the motor. Don’t allow children to play with this product as it is not a toy.

Like I mentioned earlier, it is a great product for all of you who use wood to fuel your fire and you’re sick of all the hassle of getting those hard starting fires going on a cold day. So give the Power Bellows a try and you will be happy you did. It is another great product from NorthlineExpress.com

Check out the Power Bellows Demonstration Video here!