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0:07 Hearth Country Ash Vacuum
0:15 Safely removes
0:24 Filter
0:48 Not designed to suck up HOT embers
0:50 Protection from potential hot ember inside the Vacuum
1:02 Construction and Finish
1:21 Motor
1:32 Demonstration
1:39 Additional tools

Are you sick of sweeping up ash why not suck it up instead. I am Melissa from Northline Express, here to introduce you to the Hearth Country Ash Vacuum. It is a fast, economical HEPA filtered way to cleanup pellet stove, wood stove and fireplace ash and debris. This versatile ash vac can be used to safely remove COLD fireplace ash, saw dust, wood stove debris, and other debris like sheetrock dust and cat litter.

It features a built-in Shake-Off vibrating filter which removes filter build-up while keeping the dust-proof lid in place. I know you have probably knocked off a vacuum filter before into a garbage can and been overpowered by a dust could, But not with the hearth country ash vac, the spring loaded Shake-Off activator vibrates the HEPA filter with the vacuum turned off cleaning away much of the build-up thereby restoring suction power without the cloud of dust. While this ash vacuum is not designed for hot embers, debris enters the vacuum straight down; this minimizes the chance of hot embers damaging the machine. There is also a metal mesh pre-filter further protects the HEPA filter from damage from hard or warm debris.

The 4 gallon canister’s black powder coat finish makes it heat and scratch resistant. The canister also has a Double insulated metal bottom. It features a 5′ Flexible aluminum hose that allows you to access those hard to reach areas without restriction. Reaching a power outlet will not be an issue either with the 14’ long power cord. This vacuum is powerful as well featuring a 820 Watt motor which creates ample suction to remove cool ashes and wood stove debris but still is not overly noisy. It has a Quiet 80db sound rating. You can also use the vacuum with or without the included crevasse tool and pellet stove attachment.

If you are a wood burner looking for a dust free way to clean up after your wood stove, pellet stove, or fireplace you know a broom and shovel is not going to cut it. Instead introduce the hearth country ash vacuum. It is the only way I know to clean out a dirty fireplace with virtually no dust!

The Hearth Country Ash Vacuum is another great product from home of the buy and try satisfaction guarantee.

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