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Hi, I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and I am here today to talk Hearth Rugs. I bet most of you out there when it comes to choosing a hearth rug are left with lots of questions especially when you start looking for one. There is so many to choose from. Color aside let’s talk about hearth rug materials. There are fiberglass, wool, and synthetic fiber hearth rugs. So which one do you choose and why choose one over the other?

Today I am actually going to be putting these hearth rugs to the test. We are going to end up with a good, better, and best hearth rug material option and also which one is going to be the best choice for you. I am going to get started by talking about the different materials of the hearth rugs.

First hearth rug material is going to be fiberglass. Now fiberglass in going to be the most expensive that you can get when it comes to hearth rugs. They are the most expensive because they are not going to burn. What is going to happen is anything that is on top of them is simply going to burn out harmlessly on its own. Also most fiberglass hearth rugs are going to have a vinyl backing on them that is easy to clean up. Another nice feature about these hearth rugs besides the fact that they are not going to burn is that the most of them can easily be cleaned up with a mild soapy water mixture and sponge.

The second hearth rug material, we have rated as the better option, is going to be wool. This is a natural fiber and when it comes to wool it is one the nicest natural fibers you can get in a hearth rug material. The wool rugs tend to be a little bit thicker and softer to walk across them where the fiberglass rugs are thin and they are going to have a hard feeling to them. Wool is highly durable as well. When a hot ember falls onto the rug it is not going to melt, it will just let anything that lands on it smolder out. There will be marks left behind because the heat is going to singe the natural fibers but with the wool fibers those marks will easily be brushed away leaving the mark barely, if at all, noticeable. Wool rugs are going to be among the most beautiful when it comes to choosing a hearth rug.

The last type of hearth rug material I am going to talk about is the synthetic material. There is a multitude of synthetic fibers but we are going to cover the most common being olefin, polyester, and nylon. These rugs are rated as our good choice. The synthetic rugs are going to be the cheapest on the market but do not let the cost scare you they are going to be just as effective as the more costly rugs. With these synthetic rugs you will just have to replace them more frequently because when a hot ember lands on them the fibers will melt and leave black char marks that will not be removable. But all in all they do serve the purpose of protecting the flooring beneath them.

Now is the time that I am going to set up for our Hearth Rug Material Demonstration. I have a fire going in the wood stove and a remnant piece of carpeting to go under the hearth rugs so we can see exactly how effective the rugs are at protecting the flooring underneath each rug. In these demonstrations I placed a hot ember right out of the wood stove onto each of the three types of hearth rugs and left it sit there for a short length of time (but longer than you would normal reaction time when you have a hot ember pop out of your fire). Each of the three rugs performed just as described above. Each of the hearth rug materials all did a great job of protecting the flooring but the synthetic did melt leaving a char mark, the wool charred but was able to be brushed away, and the fiberglass left no char mark just a little bit of ash was left behind from the large ember but that can easily be cleaned up with a sponge and soapy water.

I hope that you have found this information helpful and that you have less questions now in regards to choosing the best hearth rug for your home. There is really only three things to remember; good , better, and best. It does all come down to that you get what you pay for. Whether it is a wool, fiberglass, or synthetic material hearth rug they are all going to provide adequate protection to your carpeting or flooring underneath. It just depends on how well you want your hearth rug to last and how long you want it to last. So the choice is up to you but if you have any question please contact our experienced Customer Service Department at 1-866-667-8454.

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