Video Highlights:
0:23 Materials that will be needed
0:40 Let your ashes cool completely
0:52 Where to begin
1:09 Removing the Ashes
1:32 Clean your fireplace screen
1:41 Clean the interior of the fireplace
1:59 Clean the glass doors
2:08 Clean the fireplace tools and grate
2:22 Remove the mess
2:26 Final step to your fireplace cleaning

Your fireplace has been working hard to keep you warm throughout the burning season. It is normal for dust and soot and debris to build up when using your fireplace. You may be avoiding even the thought of having to accomplish your fireplace cleaning because it seems like a tedious and daunting task. I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and in this video I will show you how you can bring your fireplace from filthy to flawlessly clean in just 15 minutes!

You will need gather a few things before we get started; glass cleaner, a scrub brush, hearth cleaner, an ash bucket, a drop cloth or tarp, a shovel and brush set, an ash vacuum, used coffee grounds, paper towels, and a soft cloth. You may also want a pair of rubber gloves and an apron. Before we get started I want to mention that my fire has been out for more than 24 hours to make sure that all of the ashes have cooled completely, and you should make sure that you allow your ashes to cool completely before you start your fireplace cleaning as well.

Start by putting on your apron and rubber gloves, if you choose, and laying the tarp in front of your fireplace.

Next, remove and large chunks of charred logs and coals and place them into your ash bucket. Remove your fireplace grate and set it aside on your tarp.

Once you have removed the grate it is time to remove the ashes. If you have an ash vacuum this will be the fastest way to remove that ash. If you do not, you can remove the ash with you fireplace tool sets broom and shovel. I recommend the ash vacuum because it will help keep the ash dust down while removing them. If you are not using an ash vacuum, you can sprinkle used coffee grounds onto the ash to help keep the dust and flyaway down. If you have a hanging fireplace screen use the fireplace brush to sweep each screen panel from the top down.

Now it is time to tackle the interior of your fireplace. If you have brick spray sooty areas first with water and then with a hearth cleaner like, ACS Hearth Cleaner. If your bricks are more than 50 years old you should only clean the brick with water and skip the hearth cleaner. Clean the brick with a scrub brush spray it with water to rinse and then towel dry.

If your fireplace has Glass doors, apply hearth cleaner to the back and front of each door, then wipe down one panel at a time, removing the cleaner before it dries.

Now let’s clean the fireplace tools and grate before putting them away. Place the tools near the grate on your tarp and spray them with hearth cleaner. Wipe each tool down with paper towels and the grate as well. Replace the grate and tools where they belong.

Dispose of the ashes outdoors and fold up and remove the tarp. One final step will be to wipe down any tile hearth areas in front of your fireplace with the hearth cleaner. Now draw the screens, close the doors, and kick back enjoying your squeaky clean fireplace. I hope that you have found this information on How to Speed Up your Fireplace Cleaning helpful, but if you still have questions about choosing or using hearth cleaners you can call us at 866-667-8454. At NorthlineExpress, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee, we are always happy to help.