Do you love to grill but don't have the space for a gas stove? Are you looking for a better alternative to the barrel firepits at the camp site? Well your search has come to an end, because the Rocket Stove has landed and is the answer to all your grilling needs!

First thing's first...what is a rocket stove? Does it have flying capabilities? Does smoke and fire shoot out of it? Well, yes and no. Let me catch you up to speed on how rocket stoves work!

What is a Rocket Stove?

A Rocket Stove is a portable and compact option for cooking, camping, or any outdoor activity! The physical makeup of these stoves is similar to their kettle and gas cousins, but with a varying structure. There are three pieces that compose these mechanisms - the feed tube, burn tunnel, and chimney.

Basic J Style Rocket Stove
Basic J Style Rocket Stove

How It Works

The feed tube is where you will insert the wood. As the fire burns, the wood will continue to slide lower into the tunnel. As the wood breaks down into smoke and ash, it burns hot until combusting. Because of the concentration in the burn tunnel, the energy released up through the chimney is more powerful and torrid than what comes from a fireplace or kettle grill. The distinctive sound of flames absorbing into the fire is what makes the "roar" like a rocket, and gives the stove its name. Β Some rocket stoves have a fuel grate, which is inserted and removed when adding additional wood and fuel supplies into the stove.

Feed Tube with logs

The burn tunnel is where the fire lives. The accelerant used to start the fire (we'll discuss that later) is placed in the tunnel, then as you feed it, the flames and heat will begin to grow. An important note to make when considering wood, you don't want to place anything too large into the feed tube, or it could smother the fire and become stuck in the stove. We would recommend sticks and twigs, and small, thin logs for when the fire is at a high temperature.

The chimney (where the heat riser is in the display above) is where the smoke will exit and the flames will rise to. On the top of the chimney is where you will place a Β grill pan, pot, or grate for cooking. Some stoves come with a stainless steel cooking grate, but most cookware you own will work with the rocket stove!

The Watchman Outdoor Rocket Stove

How to Use a Rocket Stove

If you're accustomed to starting a fire with a kettle grill or in a fireplace, then starting one in the rocket stove will be a cinch! An easy way to get the first started is to start with small twigs and some newspaper. Start by using a lighter, and apply it to the newspaper. Drop this in through the chimney, where it will land in the burn tunnel. Then, use the lighter to ignite some twigs or small sticks, and place those in through the feed tube, or on the fuel grate, until the fire is at the temperature you prefer. Once this is done, continue to feed the fire as needed, and enjoy a night of grilling, or morning of flipping pancakes!

Types of Rocket Stoves

At we offer several different types of rocket stoves, plus accessories! We offer the larger Watchman stoves with the accompanying grates, which are perfect for your backyard soiree. The Woodeze Portable Rocket Stove is your go to for every activity on the horizon! It weighs 20 lbs and at only 17" tall, can be taken anywhere! The top cross plate is ideal for cooking, and the handle along the side makes it easy to move it wherever you need.

Woodeze Portable Small Rocket Stove

Whether you're looking for a new way to enjoy a campfire, or a different option for cooking during the summertime, the rocket stove is calling your name! Do yourself a favor and click on over to and order one already, we know you want to. πŸ˜‰

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