Summer's here and that means outdoor season is upon us! It’s the time for BBQ's, picnics, and other fun outdoor gathering activities. As many of us know though, with all the fun the summer season brings, with it comes bugs. Especially the pesky ones that can potentially ruin everyone's fun. You know what I'm talking about; It’s the Michigan State bird this time of year (I'm sure many of you elsewhere can say the same)! The mosquito. Did everyone just hear that little buzz in your ear, just thinking of the little guys can create a buzzing in your brain! I want to talk a little today about mosquitoes and some tried and true ways of eradicating them and getting on with your summer, worry-free.

What is a mosquito, why do they bug us so much?

So, I'm sure most of us actually know what a mosquito is, we've all probably spent most our lives trying to avoid them or scratching at the nice bite marks they've left us with. But here's little clarification for anyone wanting a little more info.

The CDC defines a mosquito as a common flying insect that is found in most parts of the world. The female of the species will bite and ingest blood from a host and typically leave a small itchy welt. These insects can be more than just a nuisance; some can even transmit diseases from one host to another.


How mosquitoes breed

A female mosquito requires blood to reproduce. They are able to sense a possible blood source from up to 75 feet away. Mosquitoes can sense the CO2, breathing naturally produces and this lures them to us and other animals; they then sense the odors, thermal properties, sweat and even alcohol some believe. The female will then land on the host, bite with its proboscis (long needle like mouth), this releases two tubes into the host. One tube is meant for injecting the host with an enzyme that prevents blood clotting (this is also what causes the allergic reaction that leads to swelling and itching), the other then sucks blood. She will then go and rest for a couple days while the blood digests and produces eggs. The eggs then get laid in a body of water (sometimes very small bodies, and usually stagnant). She then repeats this process until the end of her somewhat short lifespan.


Can mosquito control really work?

Yes, it can and will!! But first the prep…

So why do you care how mosquitoes breed? Fair enough, most people don't require this information, however, this is key information for assisting in controlling your mosquito problem. As I mentioned before, female mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water, any amount of stagnant water. Regardless of which method you intend on using, eliminating any standing water on or around your property will ensure that your methods are more successful and helps to prevent future procreation. So, remove that standing water and let's get eradicating!!

Note: If you find yourself with standing water you can't seem to get rid of, try a product like Mosquito Dunks that will make the standing water too harsh of an environment for mosquito to eggs and larvae to survive.

While there are several options when it comes to mosquito control, today I'm going to focus a two main methods and products. One is a propane fueled mosquito trap called the SkeeterVac by BlueRhino and the other is a spray barrier application called Mosquito barrier.

Mosquito Barrier

Let's start with the latter, pest control sprays are pretty common ways to fight against pesky mosquitoes and other biting insects. I’m sure we are all familiar with personal bug repellants, Mosquito Barrier is different though. One of the biggest concerns today about any kind of pest control is whether or not they contain dangerous chemicals. Mosquito Barrier is an all-natural barrier spray made from concentrated garlic juice from garlic cloves. Garlic contains a natural sulfur that is not only offensive to mosquitoes but life-threatening.

When first applied Mosquito Barrier works in 4 ways:

1. It kills any mosquitoes it comes in contact with initially.

2. It coats your grass, yard ornaments, and the lower sections of trees; this repels and surviving mosquitoes and prevents and neighboring mosquitoes from visiting.

3. Its also coats any sitting water with a thick layer of oil (canola oil) which suffocates any developing larvae.

4. The strong (only to mosquitoes) smell masks any CO2 we and our pets are exhaling. Mosquitoes are drawn to CO2 so if they can't smell it, they don't have a reason to get close.

Note: Mosquito Barrier has been found to also repel the following:

· Ticks

· Fleas

· Fire Ants

· Chiggers

· Grasshoppers

· Geese


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Mosquito Barrier is an extremely effective method of mosquito control that is all-natural and free from poisons and harmful chemicals. Here are a couple testimonials from actual people using this product:

"I bought Mosquito Barrier last year and I just wanted to tell you how much I like the product. As a dog breeder I am very concerned about using chemicals on my lawn to control fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. I live in a heavily wooded area and I did not see one flea or tick on my dogs the entire summer. Then along came West Nile Virus and two people in our area come down with it and I felt such relief that I had sprayed for fleas and ticks and got the extra bonus of treating the mosquito population. I have recommended it to breeders, dog owners, and people with children because it is natural and completely safe.
Keep spreading the word...I know I will."
Sandy Leon
Ortonville, MI

"...Last year we had a major mosquito problem and sprayed our lawn, shrubs, trees and got rid of the mosquitoes and did it again this year. We sprayed around a 400 unit apartment complex which back up to our property and received over 70 phone calls from the tenants thanking us for this. They are now able to go out in their yard without the problem of mosquitoes."
Patricia A. Wright
Youngstown, New York

"My family and I live on an acre of lake front property...creating the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. We have lived here for over eight years and have tried everything to combat these pest insects without success - until we used your garlic extract product. It is truly incredible. Where we once were swarmed by mosquitoes at sunset we can now remain on our beach and enjoy the evening with our family. (I believe it has also discouraged the Canada geese that used to descend on our property and leave behind signs of their visit). Thank you."
 Mildred Jefferies
Balch Springs, Texas



Mosquito Barrier sounds like good stuff, right? But let's say you're not a garlic fan, or you really don't have the time to go out and spray your yard. We get busy sometimes, and when we do have a free moment to go outside and relax, the last thing we want is to be pestered by mosquitoes or have to do something about them before you can sit. Ya know what I mean?

Well we have a solution for you too!!

Have you heard of the SkeeterVac yet? BlueRhino has engineered a propane fueled mosquito trap to aid in your mosquito control regimen. These devices are intended to attract, trap, and kill mosquitoes and other biting insects, and offer immediate and long-term relief.

So, what is a SkeeterVac and how does it work?

Like I mentioned before it is a cordless unit that converts propane into CO2 which attracts the pests, sucks them in like a vacuum once they are close, traps them inside the unit, and eventually kills them from dehydration. SkeeterVacs not only work immediately, but with regular use, in about 4-6 weeks they will break the breeding cycle. This interrupting of the mosquitoes' natural reproduction cycle drops their numbers significantly.

SkeeterVacs not only use CO2 as an attractant, they've got back up! SkeeterVacs come equipped with an adjustable BaitBlock system that releases octenol, another irresistible attractant to biting bugs. It also features bright LED lighting, because we all know how much bugs love light. But that’s not it either, they also use Lurex3, an attractant that mimics human sweat, heat, and moisture. Mosquitoes and their little biting buddies don't stand a chance against the SkeeterVac.

Here are a couple real customer testimonials about this product:

We received our SkeeterVac SV5100 about 3 months ago and we love it! We can't believe the number of mosquitos that have been trapped in that short amount of time. Before the SkeeterVac we couldn't sit out on our deck or work in our garden, day or night! Now we still have a few, but nothing like it was prior to the SkeeterVac. Bug spray didn't even seem to keep them away. If you spoke, you actually ate one or two! I have never seen the bugs this bad here in Michigan. What's even better, is that the biting flies are stuck to the fly paper on the outside of the machine. I mean the paper is completely covered in flies! Great machine! We will probably purchase another one next year since we have a large area to cover.

Worth every penny! We knew the benefits of the SkeeterVac, my mother-in-law has the smaller one. We can be outside in the evening now, we live in south Georgia and mosquitos are terrible. You will not regret purchasing this product.

My husband and I spent hours on-line reviewing the many different types and models of mosquito killers. We decided on the SkeeterVac SV5100 because of the attractive price and other's reviews. We have a little over an acre in the mountains. We have a stream on our property along with several natural wetland areas. I couldn't even go out in the backyard to water our plants after 7 p.m. or risk being eaten alive. After my husband set up the unit, I have been able to enjoy the backyard again. We haven't had any problems with this product. It is a little unsightly seeing all the bugs stuck to the sticky wrap on the outside of the unit, but hey, at least they aren't stuck on me! It has a ton of flies stuck to it as well. Overall, we are quite pleased with the product.


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So, take back control of your yard and get out there and enjoy your summer. Make pesky mosquitoes a distant memory with mosquito control options that really work only at!

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