In this short video Melissa talks about the benefits of the VogelZang Heat Reclaimer.

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When making the decision to burn wood most people’s goal is to claim every ounce of heat possible from their wood burning stove.

However, when burning wood much of the heat produced by your fire travels up the chimney along with smoke and other gases.  This is a natural result of venting and is unavoidable.

Or is it?

Single wall stove pipe (also known as connector pipe) connects your wood burning stove to your High Temperature Chimney.

Single wall stove pipe is used to make this connection because it radiates heat naturally into your living area to allow you to claim as much heat as possible from your fuel.

But if you want to maximize your BTU potential you’ve got to check out the** wood stove heat reclaimer** from Vogelzang.

This stove pipe heat reclaimer installs directly into your flue just like any other section of stove pipe, however, it includes a fan that gently circulates air from your living area around the stove pipe to draw extra heat from the stove pipe directly.

Many people use wood stove blowers and stove top fans to circulate heat, the stove pipe heat reclaimer is just one more way to maximize the BTU potential of your wood stove.

Note: The Vogelzang heat reclaimer is not to be used with gas or oil burning appliances.

The Vogelzang heat reclaimer plugs into any 110v outlet and operates with an internal thermostat designed to automatically turn the fan on at around 160 degrees and turn the fan off at 130 degrees.

So you can literally set it and forget it!