Video Highlights: 0:08 Stage One Creosote Chimney Fire 0:32 What is Stage One Creosote 0:43 Remove Stage One with a Chimney Brush 0:51 To prevent stage one creosote 0:56 Qwik Shot Soot Stopper & Toss in Creosote Reomovers 1:29 The Soot Eraser 2:05 ACS Creosote Remover 2:50 Clean Regularly and Burn Dry Seasoned Wood

Did you know that about 50% of people who have experienced a chimney fire did not even know it until someone knocked on their door telling them? When certain conditions exist, a chimney fire is able to burn slowly as opposed to explosively making it such that the fire is hardly detectable from people inside the home. Excessive buildup of stage one creosote makes for plenty of fuel for a slow burning chimney fire to occur up in the top portion of the chimney. I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and today I will talk about Stage One creosote and the best products for removing it. Stage One creosote buildup is known as soot and is identified as fine, silky, black dust.

Creosote in its first stage or first degree creosote is the easiest to remove from your chimney. It contains a high percentage of soot. This kind of creosote is usually effectively removed with nothing more than a chimney brush. To prevent stage one build up in your chimney we recommend the following products.

Kwik Shot Soot Stopper or Toss In Creosote Remover: This easy to use toss-in stick controls soot and creosote build-up conveniently. Just place a Kwik-Shot Soot Stopper stick on your fire, no measuring or mess. Makes colorful flames too! Kwik shots are for use in free burning wood stoves & fireplaces and the toss in creosote removers are for use in air tight fireplace inserts and wood stoves. To use you will apply twice weekly for the first month after you start burning and then once a week after that for continuous use.

Soot Eraser: The soot eraser cleans soot and smoke from brick and walls. It works like an eraser absorbing smoke residue, soot, fly ash and dirt. It works on most surfaces including brick, painted walls, woodwork and most wallpaper. No scrubbing, cleanser or solvents are needed for use of this non-toxic item. Just pull over the surface with moderate pressure. Periodic use is recommended to avoid substantial build-up. It measures 3″ x 6″. The Soot Eraser is made of vulcanized natural rubber; it is safe, non-toxic and requires only a light touch.

ACS Creosote Remover: Use Anti-Creo-Soot prior to sweeping your chimney and you will be amazed at how much easier your chimney is to clean. The leader since 1982, ACS is a unique non-flammable manganese-based liquid catalyst. Professional strength and consumer safe, it offers several important benefits like attacking and dispersing dangerous glazed creosote and soot. To use ACS spray the interior surfaces of the fire-chamber & on wood, under low fire (for safety) or before lighting fire, also flue outlet and damper area. Start early in the heating season to ‘condition’ stoves, furnaces and fireplaces.

Regular cleaning of your chimney and burning good seasoned wood will help cut down creosote buildup in your chimney but do remember that creosote is produced anytime you burn wood in your fireplace. Using the products that we recommend here at NorthlineExpress will only make maintaining your chimney easier and help prevent your chimney from stage two creosote buildup which makes your risk of chimney fires even greater! I hope you have found this information helpful. Keep watching for more informational videos from NorthlineExpress on creosote and creosote removal products.

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