I’m Melissa from NorthlineExpress, a fun and affordable way to bring your outdoor space to life and celebrate good times is to add a fire pit. Fire pits go hand in hand with outdoor entertaining and the tradition of gathering around an open flame when the sun goes down and the stars light up the sky. Whether the night calls for a relaxing evening of backyard lounging or an exciting night of roasting marshmallows and hot dogs with the family, they heighten outdoor enjoyment with a rare combination of leisure and excitement. You may feel overwhelmed when you start shopping for a fire pit as they are available in a variety of shapes, styles, and designs Some are portable, some have ceramic tile surrounds, some have decorative hand crafted fire domes, and some Fire pits are even made to be cooked on so you get the best of both worlds; a hot fire and delicious grilled foods.

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While all of those are important features of your new fire pit but you should first decide on the fire pit fuel type. Wood, gas, and alternative fire pit fuels are going to be your main choices. All of the fire pit fuel types are going to provide you heat and a fire to gather around but they may not be suited for the plans that you have for your fire. Keep watching and I will cover each fire pit fuel type, discussing the pros and cons and what they are best suited for.

So I’ll start with Traditional Wood Fire Pit fuel. Wood burning fire pits can be as simple as a hole in the ground or as fancy as a stone faced outdoor fireplace complete with a hearth for seating. Wood fueled fires offer the most exciting outdoor entertaining capabilities. They also offer the most authentic sounds, and flame presentation. Along with the authenticity they also do not require running a gas line, or pay monthly fees for the fuel. They can be designed to produce a campfire feel with a fire pit or add a touch of warmth to a patio for your guest to gather around. They put off generous amounts of heat even as the fire burns down and the coals are all that’s left. The biggest con of a wood fire is that they do require the most maintenance. You will need to stoke the fire as it burns down to keep the fire burning and you cannot just turn the flame off when you are done enjoying the fire. You also have to consider what is around your fire pit wood fire pits shouldn’t be used on surfaces like wood decks and will produce sparks and embers that could catch fire to combustible materials nearby. Wood fires can be cooked over as well. Wood burning fires will also produce smoke that can be bothersome. So if you’re looking for a traditional type of fire, do not want to pay expensive gas fees, and enjoy cooking or roasting marshmallows over a fire this would be a great option for you. Wood fueled fires are also the most common choice.

If you’re looking for a more convenient fire pit fuel type than you are probably should be in the market for a gas fire pit. Like wood burning fire pits they are available in many styles and sizes. They are great for entertainment on the fly because they light quick and easy and when you shut off the gas the flame is out without hot embers to worry about catching back on fire. You can use natural gas or propane to fuel your fire natural gas is often convenient because you can run a line from your home to your fire pit location and not have to hide a propane tank. Propane is a good option however for those who do not want to run a gas line, would like more flexibility with the placement, or do not have access to natural gas. Gas fire pits do not produce smoke and they also do not produce popping embers and flying sparks. Gas fire pits are more clean and convenient but they are not a good choice if you are one who loves to cook.

Fire pits are a great way to warm up the nights and bring the family together to celebrate good times shared. They extend the outdoor entertaining season by creating a warm inviting atmosphere that keeps they party going long after dark. Outdoor fire pits make great additions to patios, pole barns, garages and outdoor areas of all sorts. Whether you like the traditional wood burning outdoor fire pit or are more drawn to the convenience of a gas outdoor fire pit, there’s no better way to make your outdoor space more useable than furnishing it with an outdoor fire pit. I hope that you’ve found this information helpful but if you have more questions about fire pit fuel types give us a call at 866-667-8454. At NorthlineExpress, home of the buy and try satisfaction guarantee, we’re always happy to help.