A fireplace grate is a frame, usually made out of iron bars, used to retain fuel for a fire. Providing many important functions, the grate is situated above an ash pan allowing ash to easily fall through the gaps and into the pan ensuring your fireplace and the fumes produced are as clean and healthy as possible. In addition, some grates can improve the safety of your fire by making it burn at a slower rate. This makes it safe to keep alight throughout the night. Another great function of grates is that they raise the fire above the ground, thus improving oxygen flow to the fire and in turn helping to improve the flame quality and heat output.

In general, a fireplace grate enhances the overall functionality of a fireplace in terms of its heat efficiency and safety. This is made possible through its design. A grate is like a stand that holds logs or wood for burning higher above or completely off the fireplace floor. Because of the space it provides between the floor and the fuel, the oxygen in the air is able to circulate better ensuring improved burning and creating hotter flames.

Here are some of the other reasons to own and use a fireplace grate:

Improved Insulation – For better insulation, fireplace grates are typically made of cast iron or solid steel. This promotes energy efficiency and ensures that heat is stored longer, allowing it to disperse over time throughout your living space.

Improved Drafting – One of the common problems that a homeowner may encounter with fireplaces is that smoke circulates within the house instead of passing through the chimney. The fact that the airflow is better with a grate, means that the dirty smoke and ash doesn’t linger in your home as long. Instead, the resulting fumes will be drafted away up your chimney much more efficiently.

Cleaner and Easier Maintenance – The distinct feature of a fireplace grate is that it has small holes or gaps between the bars. These spaces allow the ash and used fuel to easily fall away from the fire into the ash pan for easy access and removal.

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