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Choosing the Right Fireplace Grate

Fireplace grates ensure that you have a warm, satisfying fire. The grate lifts the wood off the floor to allow air to be pulled in from underneath the wood. The fire will be supercharged with air, making it hotter and more efficient. You'll also get a more complete burn because »

A Quick Word on Fireplace Grates

A fireplace grate is a necessary component for any fireplace, as it provides the safe and secure foundation upon which the fire burns »

Get your Fireplace Ready for the Holiday Season

If you have a fireplace in your home, the room that it is located in is most likely the room that you will be entertaining in. So even if you do not use the fireplace everyday as a heat source now would be a good time to examine the ins »

How To Choose The Right Fireplace Grate For Your Home

Video Highlights: 0:25 Why you should use a fireplace grate 1:33 Different types of fireplace grates 1:46 Steel Bar Fireplace Grates 2:47 Cast iron Fireplace Grates 3:36 Fireplace Grate Heaters 4:01 What to look for when choosing a grate 4:53 Contact our Experts »

How to Measure Your Firebox for a Fireplace Grate.

Video Highlights: 0:08 Step 1 Measurements to take 0:40 Subtract 6” from all dimension and why 1:08 Locating the right grate on our site 1:52 Putting the grate in the fire box 2:15 Double checking all measurements Hi, I am Joe Cochran with Northline Express. »

How To Measure Your Wood Burning Fireplace For A Fireplace Grate

In this short video Joe will walk you through the steps of measuring your fireplace for a fireplace grate. Items You’ll Need: Paper Pencil or Pen Tape Measure Start by measuring the width of your fireplace. Note that for tapered fireplaces like in our example you’ll need to »