Video Highlights:
0:08 Step 1 Measurements to take
0:40 Subtract 6” from all dimension and why
1:08 Locating the right grate on our site
1:52 Putting the grate in the fire box
2:15 Double checking all measurements

Hi, I am Joe Cochran with Northline and today I am going to show you how to measure your fireplace for a fireplace grate.

The first measurement that you are going to take is of the front width and we have 41”. Then you are going to measure your back width and ours is 25”. The last measurement you will be taking is your depth and we have a depth of 22 ¾”. You will want to jot those down on a piece of paper. We are going to round our depth measurement down to 22” just to make it simple.

Our next step is going to be subtracting 6” from all measurements. The reason we subtract 6” is that we want to allow for about 3” of space between the grate and the side walls of your firebox to allow for proper air flow. In our case we end up with a front width measurement of 35”, back width is 19” and a depth of 16”. When you look on our website for a fireplace grate to fit that you will find out that most of our fireplace grates are categorized by the front width. With a front width of 35” you would be tempted to look at a grate that measures 36” or even 30”. But in our case because we have such an extreme taper in this fireplace, the rear width of 19” is actually going to cause a problem if you purchase a 30” grate.
What you will end up with is a fireplace grate that has too wide of a rear measurement and it will not fit into the fireplace box properly.

Once you have placed your fireplace grate into your fireplace you will want to check all of your spaces around the grate. Our fireplace grate is 11” shorter in the front but fits into our firebox properly because of the rear width. When measuring for a fireplace grate make sure that you double check all of your measurements especially the rear width as the rear width is most times going to be the most critical measurement.

I hope you found this information to be helpful and do not forget to take a look at a selection of over 90 different fireplace grates and heaters offered by, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee.

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