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Learn More about the Different Styles of Fireplace Grate Heaters

Heating with a traditional open fireplace is not going to be the most beneficial option. The majority of the heat is going to go straight up the chimney flue. However, you can increase the efficiency of a traditional fireplace by installing a fireplace grate heater. There are many different styles »

Building a Fire With The FirEase IncinerGrate Fire Pit Grate

Download the PDF The IncinerGrate Teepee Fire Pit Grate I really love enjoying campfires but what I do not like is how much of a hassle it is keeping a campfire going can be. I get tired of having to move the logs around and poking at the fire all »

How to Measure Your Firebox for a Fireplace Grate.

Video Highlights: 0:08 Step 1 Measurements to take 0:40 Subtract 6” from all dimension and why 1:08 Locating the right grate on our site 1:52 Putting the grate in the fire box 2:15 Double checking all measurements Hi, I am Joe Cochran with Northline Express. »

An Awesome August Promotion for the FirEase IncenerGrate

Video Highlights 0:07 Promotion Run time 0:11 Free gift with purchase 0:23 About the FirEase IncenerGrate I am Melissa from Northline Express and I am very excited to introduce you to the FirEase IncenerGrate which is so easy to use you’ll never complain about building a »