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The IncinerGrate Teepee Fire Pit Grate

I really love enjoying campfires but what I do not like is how much of a hassle it is keeping a campfire going can be. I get tired of having to move the logs around and poking at the fire all of the time to get it to burn better. Most of the trouble with building a campfire stems from not properly stacking the firewood so that it can get accurate air flow. The fact that I am not patient enough to build a teepee with my firewood is a reason that my fire doesn’t burn as efficiently. I’m way more excited to enjoy the fire with my friends and family than I am getting it going.

I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and I am very excited to introduce you to the FirEase IncinerGrate fire pit grate which is so easy to use you’ll never complain about building a fire again. This fire pit grate allows me to get fires started quickly and easily and maintain the traditional teepee style throughout the entire fire! Having adequate air flow will never be a problem again.

How to Build a Fire with the IncinerGrate fire pit grate

The IncinerGrate fire pit grate will help you build a great teepee formation with your firewood. Your fire will burn longer and stronger than regular fires. That fire will provide more warmth since the fire is burning better and more efficiently by burning with a hotter core for better combustion. It is easy, all you have to do is place dry starter material & kindling in the center, place the grate over the kindling, then place small firewood around the grate and light it. As the fire gets going, add your larger firewood pieces. Now sit back and relax because there’s basically no maintaining required with this grate other than adding firewood and that couldn’t be easier!

All these advantages translate to more time with friends and family and less time tending the fire. Plus, you can take them anywhere you go because they will work in portable and permanent outdoor fire pits. Made from 1/2” steel bar stock, it only weighs 5 lbs. It can be moved from fire location to fire location as needed. This is the collapsible version so it breaks down into two pieces making storage easy as well. So if you are looking for a way to build a fire that loves to burn then check out the collapsible FirEase Incinergrate fire pit grate.