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Summertime always bring pass times of camping with family and friends. A lot of times camping also brings along time around the campfire. However, some people steer away from having a campfire because of the hassle of starting a wood burning fire. The continuous fanning, trying to get air to circulate around the wood to get the flames to stay steady.

Using a fire pit grate helps to eliminate the struggles of starting a campfire. A fire pit grate will allow the air to flow under the firewood getting the fire burning a whole lot quicker. There are multiple fire pit grate styles and sizes for you to choose from. They are all very simple to use, pretty much just put it in place and build your fire. Well there may be a little bit more to it than that so let’s take a look at the different types of fire pit grates and how to they will help.

There are 2 styles of grates that we offer: the round Spider grate and the Incinergrate Teepee grate.

The Spider Outdoor Fire Pit Grate

The Spider Fire Pit Grate is made specifically for your round wood burning fire pit. Although this grate is made to fit round fire pits it will fit into any outdoor fire pit that meets the minimum width in each direction. Each Spider Grate is made right here in the USA. The “spider” design offers plenty of room to build that roaring fire or just have an intimate setting fire. The generous 4″ leg height provides plenty of room to light your fire from underneath the grate and also provide the much needed air to keep your fire going.

The IncinerGrate Fire Pit Grate

Get your fires started quickly and easily and maintain the traditional teepee style throughout the entire fire with the IncinerGrate Teepee Fire Pit Grate. The typical outdoor fire starts and burns the best when using a “teepee” style. It allows the best airflow to get to the fire and burns from the inside out creating a hotter fire that will last much longer. The wonderful design of the IncinerGrate Teepee Fire Pit Grate makes adding any kindling or wood fast and easy. You can also take them anywhere you go. Made in the USA of 5/8’’ steel bars.

How to Use a Fire Pit Grate

Fire pit grates are very easy to use. You are simply going to set it into place, make sure you have a level spot to place the grate. Now start putting your firewood in place. So, once you have your first few pieces of firewood in place you need to get your fire starters ready. You can use some sort of tinder, some twigs or some leaves, but we recommend using Rutland Safe Life fire starters. They are really easy to light, even if they get a little bit damp or wet; they’re still going to light. Place the fire starter underneath the grate. That is going to allow the fire starter to burn up and catch your firewood on fire. You can also set a fire starter on top as well to get your fire accelerated even faster.

Now, all you have to do is sit and wait, and watch the fire starter ignite that fire. The nice thing about this, besides the fact that it’s easy to set up your fire pit grate and use it every time. Just like if you’re burning in a wood stove or a fireplace in your home, air flow to the fire is vital. It is what is going to make that fire grow. Now, you can sit back and watch your beautiful fire burn.