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Tips for Dressing Up a Patio and Getting it Ready for the Season

Is this the year that you are going to redecorate your patio? Or does your outdoor space just need some sprucing up? No space is too small to make it usable. Don’t limit your outdoor living options to just the patio, create a small garden retreat, a comfy reading »

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Ethanol Fireplaces

Are you looking to add a beautiful fire feature to your home but do not want to spend a large amount of money to install a gas or masonry fireplace? I have a solution for you… Ethanol Fireplaces. There are many different models to choose from and they come in »

Start a Campfire Faster with the use of a Fire Pit Grate

Download the PDF Summertime always bring pass times of camping with family and friends. A lot of times camping also brings along time around the campfire. However, some people steer away from having a campfire because of the hassle of starting a wood burning fire. The continuous fanning, trying to »

Question & Answers: 7 Common Questions Regarding Fire Pits

Download the PDF Fire pits provide the perfect combination of heat and ambiance whether you are planning a relaxing evening using the fire pit to create a romantic glow for an outdoor dinner or an exciting night of roasting hot dogs and marshmallows with family and friends. I’m Melissa »

Tips for Building Your Own Customized DIY Gas Fire Pit

Outdoor DIY fire pits are becoming an extremely popular feature when designing outdoor living spaces. We all like to save money when possible and this is why the DIY industry is booming. The greatest advantage of a DIY gas fire pit is that you can completely customize it so that »

What you should know About Fire Pits and Fire Pit Safety

Download the PDF Adding a fire pit is the No. 1 most requested feature by homeowners for their outdoor landscape design. A fire pit will compliment any outdoor space perfectly because they can be very simple or extravagant custom designs. Young and old all love to enjoy time spent by »

The Small but Mighty Flame Genie Pellet Fire Pit

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a cozy fire with virtually no smoke or sparks? Well you can! I’m Melissa from NorthlineExpress and in this video I would like to introduce you to the Flame Genie Pellet Fire Pit. This fire pit has a light weight design so »

5 Patio Essentials to Turn Your Backyard Into An Oasis

Thinking about your patio and giving it a new look? Or are you getting ready to create a new outdoor living space? There are so many things that are considered must have items for patios to be complete. Don’t let it get too complicated; what you should really be »

Flame Genie Pellet Fire Pit Promotion

Are you looking for a fire pit that is going to smoke you out? I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress Here to introduce you to the Flame Genie Pellet Fire pit. Enjoy a unique fire pit experience without the smoke, sparks, and cleanup hassles. The Flame Genie produces maximum enjoyable flame »

An Awesome August Promotion for the FirEase IncenerGrate

Video Highlights 0:07 Promotion Run time 0:11 Free gift with purchase 0:23 About the FirEase IncenerGrate I am Melissa from Northline Express and I am very excited to introduce you to the FirEase IncenerGrate which is so easy to use you’ll never complain about building a »

Ethanol Fire Pits - A Great Alternative For A Small Deck Or Patio

[Download the PDF]( Highlights 0:12 Benefits of an Ethanol Fire pit 0:35 What Clean Burning Means 0:43 Environmentally Friendly Fuel 0:56 Elegant Presence 1:03 Advantages and Disadvantages Hi I am Melissa from Northline Express. To »

Fire Pits - Choosing The Perfect One For Your Outdoor Living Space

[Download the PDF]( Highlights 0:49 Questions to ask yourself when choosing a fire pit 1:02 Choosing the right size fire pit 1:13 Vertical clearances 1:38 Different fuel types 2:06 Beautiful flame, easy to light and »

The Pellet Fire Pit From Assembly to Enjoying a Beautiful Fire

[Download the PDF]( Highlights 0:06 Introduction to the Pellet Fire Pit 0:18 Benefits of Wood Pellet Fuel 0:34 Box Contents 1:46 The Assembly 3:36 Adding the Pellets 5:31 Lighting the Fire Pit 6:29 »