Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a cozy fire with virtually no smoke or sparks? Well you can! I’m Melissa from NorthlineExpress and in this video I would like to introduce you to the Flame Genie Pellet Fire Pit. This fire pit has a light weight design so it is easily portable. There is no complicated assembly or tools required, unless you count the knife or box cutter to open the box.

The Flame Genie Pellet Fire Pit is a revolutionary concept; it burns wood pellets rather than firewood and uses a gravitational after burner system. This eliminates the excess smoke and the need to split, stack, and carry around fire wood. You also do not have to worry about transporting insects.

The Flame Genie Fire Pit is able to provide you minimal smoke, an enchanting flame pattern, and a ton of heat. Wondering how all that is possible? Well let’s talk about how the flame genie works. The Flame Genie Pellet Fire Pit has a mesh bottom grate that allows air to flow through aiding in pellet combustion. The air then flows into the heating chamber. The pellets do not initially burn completely they release smoke and gases that rise. The heated air is pushed back into the fire pit at the top where the super-heated air and the gasses meet and ignite to produce the magical flame. Because those gases and smoke are ignited the results also means a beautiful dancing flame that doesn’t force you to dance around the fire pit to avoid the smoke. With the Flame Genie Pellet Fire Pit there is no smoke!

The Flame Genie Pellet Fire Pit comes ready to use out of the box, there is not any assembly required. When you take your fire pit out of the box you just have to set in onto place where you would like to use it. A couple things to keep in mind while choosing a spot for your Flame Genie Pellet Fire Pit, it must be used on a non-combustible surface and the flame on this fire pit is larger than a conventional fire pit.

Once you have your Flame Genie Pellet Fire Pit in place and ready to go all you have to do is fill it with pellets and light it. To load your fire pit fill it with approximately 2 – 2 ½” of wood pellets. After adding the pellets light a fire starter and place it on top of the pellets. Fatwood works well to start the flame genie, but you should never use flammable lighter fluids.

You will not see a flame pattern from the top until the fire pit is completely lit. This will take about 5 minutes because the flame pattern will not start until the inner and outer cylinder walls become hot enough to establish a draft.

The fire will start to die down as the initial pellets are consumed and you simply add more pellets with a small metal scoop or something similar. Just be careful not to suffocate the remaining flame.

When you are done enjoying your Flame Genie Pellet Fire Pit, just let the fire go out. This fire pit may be small, only having a 14” diameter, but it is actually capable of creating an impressive flame and a ton of heat. It’s adequate for groups of 6-8 people. The Flame Genie Pellet Fire Pit burns clean and is easy to handle. The wood pellets, produces very little ash, and require little cleanup. This is a fire pit that will allow you to enjoy an outdoor fire without sparks, unhappy neighbors from unwanted smoke, or smelling like smoke yourself.

The Flame Genie Pellet Fire Pit is another great product from NorthlineExpress, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee. Don’t forget we are your one stop shop for all of your outdoor needs.

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