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Building a Fire With The FirEase IncinerGrate Fire Pit Grate

Download the PDF The IncinerGrate Teepee Fire Pit Grate I really love enjoying campfires but what I do not like is how much of a hassle it is keeping a campfire going can be. I get tired of having to move the logs around and poking at the fire all »

Start a Campfire Faster with the use of a Fire Pit Grate

Download the PDF Summertime always bring pass times of camping with family and friends. A lot of times camping also brings along time around the campfire. However, some people steer away from having a campfire because of the hassle of starting a wood burning fire. The continuous fanning, trying to »

Build a Fire with the IncinerGrate Tee Pee Fire Pit Grate by FirEase

[Download the PDF]( Highlights 0:11 What the IncinerGrate is designed for 0:28 The grates features 0:51 How to use 1:28 Starting a fire 2:45 Airflow Hi, I am Melissa from Northline Express, and I am »