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Hi, I am Melissa from Northline Express, and I am here to talk to you about a great fire pit accessory for your backyard fires. This is the FirEase IncinerGrate, as I like to call it, the tee pee grate. What it is designed to do is help you easily stack your firewood in the tepee formation to obtain the best burn possible in your outdoor fire. It is going to help keep it in the tee pee formation throughout the burn as well, so your fire doesn’t collapse. Ultimately you are spending less time tending and setting up your fire, and more time enjoying it. It is a really simple product to use.

As you can see, the IncinerGrate is going to come fully assembled. It is made with square steel, so it’s going to be durable and withstand the outdoors. It is also small enough that will be lightweight and portable, so you can keep it in your camper and take it with you on camping trips. The IncinerGrate may be used in a variety of different sized fire pits. The one I have in (pictured above) is rather large, but that doesn’t mean the IncinerGrate is not going to work for you.

The IncinerGrate is very easy to use, you are simply going to set it into place, make sure you have it placed in a kind of level spot. Once you have it set in place, you will want to start putting your firewood around it. The IncinerGrate is designed with these grooves, so all you really do is set your firewood in place. That is what I love about it because every time I try to build a firewood tee pee in my fire pit I will just get it right and the last piece of wood is always what tumbles the whole thing down.

Once you have your first few pieces of firewood in place, what you will do next is place your fire starter. You can use some sort of kindling, some twigs or some leaves, but I’m going to use some Rutland SafeLite fire starters. They are my favorite because they work. They are really easy to light and even if they get a little bit damp or wet, they are still going to light with no problem. Place one or two fire starters underneath the grate, where you see there is that triangle area. That is going to allow the fire starter to burn up and catch your firewood on fire. Also there is a place on top, if you have kindling, leaves or twigs, you can set them on top as well and use fire starters up there to get your fire accelerated even faster.

Once you get your fire starters lit, you are just going to set them into place underneath there. You can use more pieces of wood to build whatever size fire you desire. Now all you have to do is sit and wait. The fire starters are going to ignite the fire. The nice thing about this, besides the fact that it is easy to set up your tee pee and use it every time, is look at how much air flow your fire can get. Just like if you are burning in a wood stove or a fireplace in your home, air flow to that fire is vital. It is what is going to make that fire grow.

Building a fire is really a very simple process with the tee pee or FirEASE IncinerGrate. All you have to do is set it in place and place your logs around it. There’s no more struggling with stacking that tee pee, just set your fire starters underneath and let the grate do the rest. The increased airflow is going to really help get that fire started way faster and then it’s also going to help support that teepee formation so that it’s going to burn better, stronger, and longer. And that also means less time messing around with the fire. You will spend more time enjoying your friends and family around an outdoor campfire. It is another great product from Northline Express, home of the buy and try satisfaction guarantee.

Get an IncinerGrate Fire Pit Grate; they build fires that love to burn!