Video Highlights 1:14 What are Stack-N-Store Brackets 1:28 Designed for wood storage 1:39 Building a Log Rack with Stack-N-Store Brackets 1:54 Materials 2:53 Getting Started laying out the materials 5:05 Utilizing the pre-drilled holes to ensure stability

I am Melissa from Northline Express and I am here today to show you how with Rutland stack and store brackets you can build a simple log rack to help keep your firewood neatly stacked in a singular row so it can properly season. Stack-N-Store Brackets are four heavy-duty steel corner brackets that let you build two-by-four storage racks, shelves and worktops in any convenient size. Stack-N-Store Bracket’s unique design keeps your valuable firewood up to five inches above ground level and safe from harmful ground moisture, pests and decay.

A Stack-N-Store DIY rack is the best way to ensure that your firewood is properly dried. Trying to burn wet wood is annoying and wasteful. Burning wet wood is one of the two top barriers to pleasurable, efficient wood heating. Most of the heating appliances can only operate with the high efficiency specified if the wood used has the right moisture content. If the wood you burn has a high moisture content when you burn it you are sure to experience the symptoms of poor performance like low heat output, difficulty getting a fire going and keeping it burning well, dirty glass, excessive fuel consumption, and rapid creosote buildup in the chimney all due to the wet firewood. In short, trying to burn wet wood is annoying, wasteful, and dangerous!

The best way for a home owner to make sure that they are properly seasoning firewood is make sure it is stacked in single rows in a place where the sun can warm it and the wind can blow through it. This will allow the sun to heat the wood and evaporate the water from the wood pile and the wind whisks it away.

Building a Stack-N-Store log rack is very simple and you can build the Stack-N-Store rack to any length that you need. You can even build the Stack-N-Store rack without any tools or hard ware but each bracket has pre-drilled holes for nails or screws for added stability.

Stack-N-Store Materials needed:
2 – 2x4s for the depth of the rack (A)
2 – 2x4s for the width of the rack (B)
4 – 2x4s for the upright supports (C)
1 – Set of stack and store brackets

Stack-N-Store Log rack Instructions:

  • Cut the 2×4’s to desired lengths
  • Place the two (a) pieces parallel to each other with the wide side down. The distance between them should be the length of the (b) pieces.
  • Place a stack and store bracket over the end of each (a) piece.
  • Slide the B pieces through the cut outs in the brackets.
  • Insert the (c) pieces into the openings remaining in the brackets. The (c) pieces will rest on top of the (a) pieces.

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