Firebacks have adorned fireplaces since the colonial times, although mostly to protect the fireplace. Today there are more exciting benefits into making your fireplace more efficient. Let's go over some reasons that you should be using a fireback in your fireplace.

Protect the Fireplace’s Structure with a Fireback

Let’s start by covering the protection and safety that a fireback can offer. Just like in the colonial days, a fireback will protect the back wall of your fireplace from the intense heat given off from the fire. While there has been much advancement in masonry materials since the colonial days, using a fireback is an easy way to reduce that risk. Firebacks will also reduce the risk of your masonry materials drying out or deteriorating from the excessive heat. Protecting the integrity of the masonry materials also reduces the risk of your fireplace becoming a potential fire hazard.

Direct Heat with a Fireback

Did you know that simply placing a fireback in your fireplace can increase the efficiency of the fireplace by up to 50%? This is because a portion of the heat that would otherwise escape up and out your chimney will be reflected out into your home with a fireback.

Firebacks Add a Touch of Beauty

It’s often overlooked but firebacks can also add beauty to a fireplace. If you are having a new fireplace installed, you can control what materials line your firebox. Unfortunately, that is not the case with older existing fireplaces. There are a variety of fireback styles, so you can attract the eyes to the fire back, keeping the fireplace the focal point of a room. The historical significance of your fireback is also a great conversation piece.

Bouquet Cast Iron Fireback - 20 Fox Cast Iron Fireback - 25

Two Materials to Choose from

There are 2 types of firebacks to choose from as far as materials are concerned: cast iron and stainless steel. Cast iron will be the more common of the two materials. The stainless-steel version will radiate heat but will also radiate more light out from your fireplace. Cast iron versions will radiate heat but will maintain their great looks longer as they will not show the soot build up or discolor like the stainless-steel versions.

16 Stainless Radiant Fireback - 27

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