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Hi I am Melissa from Northline Express, here with our third video in our “Reclaim Your Back Yard from Mosquitoes” series. Today in this video I am going to talk to you about mosquito repellents. I am not going to be talking about personal mosquito repellents. I am going to be just talking about mosquito repellents that are used on a larger scale.

The first mosquito repellent that I am going to talk about is Mosquito Barrier. This is a product that is absolutely great and is 100% all natural. It is actually 100% super concentrated garlic juice. Barrier is a very simple product to use. You mix it in your pressure sprayer and apply it to your property where you want relief from the mosquitoes. Each application is going to last about 3-4 weeks. This product truly does allow you to sit back and enjoy an area that is mosquito free! It also can be used to repel other types of pest and to kill mosquito larva in water depending on the mixing formula.

Next I would like to introduce you to the All Clear Table Top and Sidekick Mosquito Repellent units. These units use fan-based diffusion technology to circulate 100% safe, all-natural mosquito repellent. Using all-natural ingredients like lemongrass, cinnamon, peppermint, & geranium oils, the Terminix Table Top & the sidekick Mosquito Repeller is able to create a 15’ x 15’ mosquito-free zone for up to 18 hours which is 4 times longer than chemical mosquito repellent options. The sidekick repeller conveniently clips on your belt for portable hands free mosquito protection.

Also from All clear are the Backyard Mosquito Mister and the Mosquito Mister Lantern. The Backyard Mosquito Mister dispenses an ultra-fine mist solution to create a barrier of protection from mosquitoes and other insects of up to 2,000 sq. ft. It works quickly and simply to provide hours of protection from mosquitoes, black flies, no-see-ems, and other biting insects. Reduces Mosquitoes by over 90% for up to 6 hours! Just position in your yard and activate. The Mosquito Misting Lantern uses an all-natural, non-toxic misting solution that effectively repels up to 95% of mosquitoes and protects as much as 4 times longer than harsh chemical brands. It is ready to go out of the box and provides up to a 300 sq. ft. protected area. With both the back yard mister and the misting lantern, you control where, when, and how often you mist.

Now let’s take mosquito misting to the next level with the SolaMist Mosquito Mister! This completely solar powered mosquito misting system is one of the easiest mosquito repellent misting systems available today. This programmable mister will work for over one week on a two hour charge providing awesome mosquito repellent with no worries. This great solar mister also comes with a separate remote control for those times when you need an instant spray for those pesky biters. The digital color pad controller in the unit allows you to manage a spray schedule and there is also a SolaMist Smart Phone App (iPhone and Android) enabled (Wi-Fi) for spraying from the convenience of your chair or on the way home from work. The System comes with EVERYTHING that you need to start repelling mosquitoes with solar power: the Solar Stakes, valves, nozzles, end caps, ties, solar panel, cart, tubing, controller and pump. It features a 12 gallon tank for the environmentally-safe yet effective concentrate, which kills Mosquitoes, Spiders, Gnats, Wasps, Ants, Flies, and Roaches. Do-It-Yourself installation requires only a pair of snips and you can configure up to 30 nozzles so you spray where you want protection.

There are tons of mosquito repellents out there today whether you are looking for a traditional spray or something techy that you can show off to your friends and neighbors. I hope that you have enjoyed this information on mosquito repellents. Keep watching because there is one more video in our reclaim your backyard series. The next video will cover personal mosquito repellents that I have tried and would like to recommend to you.

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