duraplus chimney pipe

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How to install a DuraPlus Triple Wall Chimney Pipe

Video Highlights 0:16 First step in installing a DuraPlus Chimney System 0:27 How to find the center for opening 2:24 Test hole in the ceiling 3:49 Checking the test hole in the attic 4:18 Check clearance for support box 4:46 Mark and Cut the »

An Introduction To DuraPlus Triple Wall Chimney Pipe

In this short video Joe introduces you to DuraPlus Triple Wall Chimney Pipe from DuraVent. DuraPlus is a triple wall “Class-A” high temperature all fuel chimney system designed for use with stoves, furnaces, water heaters, and more. DuraPlus is perfect for the “Do-It-Yourself” installer for several reasons… DuraPlus features triple »