In this short video Joe introduces you to DuraPlus Triple Wall Chimney Pipe from DuraVent.

DuraPlus is a triple wall “Class-A” high temperature all fuel chimney system designed for use with stoves, furnaces, water heaters, and more.

DuraPlus is perfect for the “Do-It-Yourself” installer for several reasons…

  1. DuraPlus features triple wall construction with two insulating layers, a ceramic blanket insulation and a second air space insulation to achieve a cooler temperature to the exterior pipe while maintaining a hot inner flue temperature to allow for proper draft.
  2. DuraPlus is also lighter than competing “Class-A” chimney systems making it easier to handle while going up and down the ladder and on the roof.
  3. DuraPlus features a twist lock connection allowing you to easily secure length of chimney without needing screws or sealants.

The DuraPlus chimney system allow for a wide range of installations including thru-the-wall installations, ceiling supported installations, new and retrofit fireplace installations, multi-story installations and more.

DuraPlus also offers kits containing all of the critical components for most common installations making it easy to purchase everything you need for your installation.

If you’re installing a chimney in Canada be sure to check out the DuraPlus HTC line of chimney pipe for your installation needs.

When you compare price, quality, and function DuraPlus delivers a great option for your chimney needs.