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How to Measure For Fireplace Doors

Fireplace doors cover the opening of the firebox when a fire is not burning. They can also help eliminate drafts and cold air coming down the chimney into your home. Fireplace doors are helpful in reducing air leakage up the chimney, eliminating hearth odors when the fireplace is not in »

Fireplace Accessory Preparation for the Burning Season

As the summer slips away and the nights get cooler, anyone with a fireplace will likely be excited to light the first fire of the season, and enjoy the warmth and coziness that comes with it. If you haven’t given the fireplace’s maintenance a thought since last winter, »

What to Consider When Choosing Fireplace Doors

Video Highlights: 0:01 Benefits of Fireplace Doors 0:06 What to consider before choosing fireplace doors 0:19 Masonry or Factory Built Fireplace 0:55 Size of your fireplace opening 1:31 What style fireplace door are you looking for 2:17 Contact Our Customer Service Dept. There are »

Reasons Why Installing Fireplace Doors Will Benefit Your Family and Home

Video Highlights: 0:24 Two Main Benefits of Fireplace Doors 0:35 How Fireplace Doors protect your family and home 1:25 How Fireplace Doors increase energy efficiency 1:51 Other Benefits of Fireplace Doors 2:18 Contact Customer Service Did you know that each year, thousands of homeowners suffer »

Guaranteed Fit Fireplace Door Policy Only at NorthlineExpress.Com

Video Highlights: 0:07 Reasons to choose a fireplace door from NorthlineExpress 0:20 Guaranteed to Fit Policy 0:40 Your cost 0:50 No Catch 1:17 What doors are covered STOP! Do not purchase a fireplace door until you hear about our Fireplace Door Guaranteed Fit Policy. I »