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0:07 Reasons to choose a fireplace door from NorthlineExpress
0:20 Guaranteed to Fit Policy
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STOP! Do not purchase a fireplace door until you hear about our Fireplace Door Guaranteed Fit Policy. I can give you plenty of reasons you should choose your fireplace door from NorthlineExpress such as Products that are made in the USA, hundreds of happy customers, knowledgeable sales associates, and fast lead times. But the biggest reason of all is our exclusive Fireplace Door Guaranteed Fit Policy.

If you buy a fireplace door from NorthlineExpress and for whatever reason you are not satisfied simply send the door back and we will exchange it for a replacement door of equal value at no extra cost. Whether it is because you made mistakes with your measurements or you are just not happy with the way your door fits or looks. The only cost to you is going to be the shipping and we will cover the cost of the replacement door.

I know what you are thinking; what is the catch? There is no catch! At NorthlineExpress we simply believe in removing the risk. We understand that purchasing a fireplace door is a big expense and a big deal. We also understand that you are not the fireplace expert and people make mistakes. It is just that simple. There is no small print, you do not have to read between the lines, and we are going to replace you fireplace door until you are satisfied with it. Until you have a door that can be properly installed and looks great in your hearth setting. And yes, this counts for every fireplace door on our website including completely custom fireplace doors. There are no exclusions.

So, shop with confidence at, your risk free online source for fireplace doors and more.

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