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2:10 One Handed Use
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Hi, I am Melissa from Northline Express. Are you sick of having to mover your firewood more than you should have to? I know I was! I am someone that uses my woodstove in the winter season as a regular way to heat my home. So, I am moving a lot of firewood no matter what way I look at it. But what was sickening is that fact that I would have to move firewood from my main wood pile to the firewood rack by the door and then again into the house when I needed more. It just seemed like an inefficient method. Plus using a wheelbarrow, even though it moves lots of firewood it could be a real pain and it did require both hands. That is when I found and fell in love with the WoodEze Firewood Cart with Heavy Duty Wheels.

Introducing the WoodEze Firewood Cart with Heavy Duty Wheels into my firewood regimen has allowed me to be able to cut my firewood moving in half, save space on my hearth, as well as making moving my firewood less of a chore. I used to use a wheelbarrow like many people out there probably do to move firewood around. I would move a wheelbarrow full of wood from my main firewood pile to the log rack that I keep by my door to keep firewood handy by the house. But then once the wheelbarrow was up by the door I could not get it up the step to get the firewood into the house without the wheelbarrow getting wiggly and almost tipping over. So I would have to stack it into the firewood rack and then carry it into the house by the arm loads or grabbing something else to bring it in. Either way it was multiple trips that I did not need to be making.

Now that I have the WoodEze Firewood Cart with Heavy Duty Wheels it allows me to do two different things. I can use this firewood cart for hauling the firewood to my firewood rack by the door in place of using the wheelbarrow and actually only be hauling a few pieces less than the wheelbarrow. I have also been able to eliminate some of the clutter around my hearth having the WoodEze Firewood Cart. It allows me to take the last load directly into the house and placing the whole cart on my hearth using it as a hearth rack. Yes I still have to take firewood inside but I do not have to restack it and move it once it is indoors. I am also not trying to balance a load of firewood on my arm, getting my clothes all dirty and trying to go up steps with an arm load of firewood that I can’t see over because I have overloaded myself trying to cut down on the number of trips that I would have to make.

One great thing about the WoodEze Firewood Cart is that I can use it with one hand. The wheelbarrow did work for a while but it required the use of both hands and even with both hands it did tend to become unsteady if I had any type of obstacle in my way. I was definitely using my arm to keep that thing from tipping over, if I could even keep it from tipping over! With the firewood cart I can easily pull or push it around with one hand. It is not a chore to use at all.

The WoodEze Firewood Cart features great heavy duty wheels. The heavy duty wheels are what allow it to come inside so easily. Even with steps up to the door these wheels have no problem. You do just like you would with a dollie; you back it up to the step and the wheels are sturdy and big enough that they just roll right up the step with ease. There are also no issues with these wheels as far as marring up tile or wood flooring.
This WoodEze Firewood Cart makes it easy to just place it by my hearth and forget it being done with it for the night instead of having to go back outside and get one more load of firewood. Being in Northern Michigan and burning on a regular basis it does actually hold about two nights of firewood for me. This rack itself measures 12 ½” W x 41 ½” T.

Once you give the WoodEze Firewood Cart with Heavy Duty Wheels a try I guarantee you will love it just as much as I do. I love products that do more than one thing especially when it is saving me precious time. This firewood cart is another great product from northlineExpress, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee and do not forget that we are your one stop shop for all of your hearth accessories.

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