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Hi, I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress back with our Split it, Stack it, Store it, and Move it series. Today I am here to talk to you about moving firewood and how you can make it much easier on yourself. There is no way around having to move your firewood; even if you are just taking it from its original pile to indoors you are still going to have to move it.

How much and how easy moving firewood is can absolutely be controlled by you and the products you use. I have picked some of our top products and products I have physically used myself to recommend to you. I am going to talk about firewood totes, Backsaver Firewood Aprons, and firewood carts.

Backsaver Firewood Apron: Wearing this apron is not much of a chore at all. I like the fact that the apron goes over my shoulders and evenly distributes the weight of the firewood I am holding across my back and shoulders. The Backsaver Firewood Apron does allow me to keep one hand free so I do not have to set anything down. I just hold it open and fill it with as much wood as I would like to carry. You can either use this to bring in one nights of firewood or you can get really ambitious and bring in even more but that is completely up to you! This product is made right here in the United States. It is constructed of a heavy duty canvas material that will hold up for a long time.

Firewood Totes: If you are looking for something that you do not have to wear there are also the firewood totes. The Tuff Duck Firewood Tote is the tote version of the Backsaver Apron. It is also made in the United States and by the same company as well. This tote is constructed of the same heavy duty canvas material too.

I personally own a Tuff Duck Tote that I had purchased just about two years ago and other than it being a bit dirty from use it has held up very well. I still use this tote on a regular basis for hauling small amount of firewood. I did however graduate to using the Backsaver apron because it was only allowing me to bring in small amounts at a time. What I do miss about the tote is that I could bring in the firewood and all of the wood chips and debris was contained in the tote. I did not have to sweep up the mess around the hearth, just take the tote outside to dump it out and refill it with firewood.

The Tuff Duck Totes and the Backsaver Aprons are available in different color selections but they are all going to have that really tough durable material that makes them so easy to use.

Firewood Carts: A firewood cart is great when you are looking for something that is not going to require wearing or physically moving the firewood. I have the WoodEze Firewood Cart and this has been something that I love using as an avid firewood burner. A firewood cart is going to be able to hold the most amount of firewood for you as compared to the tote or apron. Something that is really nice about this firewood carrier is that it is going to be two products in one. You can use it to carry your firewood from outside to indoors easily and you can wheel it right inside your house put it next to your hearth using it as a firewood rack. It has nice heavy duty wheels that make it easy to move around or over obstacles and on uneven ground. With this type of carrier you will definitely be able to carry the most amount of wood and make less trips.

So no matter what your firewood movement needs require, whether it is a traditional tote or something more innovative like a firewood cart NorthlineExpress has a firewood carrier that is right for you. Just head on over to, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee and remember we are your one stop shop for all of your hearth accessories.

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