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0:09 Celebrity Stock Fireplace Door by Thermo-Rite
0:13 Available in several sizes
0:18 Made in the USA
0:25 Packaging
0:42 Fast Shipping
1:05 Sleek Design
1:17 Tinted Glass Doors
1:44 Hidden draft control
1:56 Construction Materials
2:09 Door Closure
2:20 What is included

Hi I am Danielle from NorthlineExpress and today I would like to talk to you about the Celebrity Stock Fireplace Door by Thermo-Rite. This is a stock door available in several different sizes to fit most standard fireplace openings.

One of the greatest aspects of this glass door is that it is made in the United States. Not many doors are made in the USA and on top of that this is made by Thermo-Rite. They are a top manufacturer. When you receive your glass door and you are opening the package you will see all of the detail and effort put into packaging this door to ensure that it arrives to you undamaged.

This Celebrity Stock Fireplace Door will ship quickly as it is a stock door and we stock the various sizes to ensure the quickest shipping possible. When you place an order for the Celebrity Stock Fireplace Door, in most cases depending on where you are located, you should be able to receive your order within a week or so. It is a really great option to quickly install a glass door. It is a beautiful door and is very cost effective.

The glass doors on the Celebrity Stock Fireplace Door are ¼” tempered glass with a bronze tint. With the tinted glass you will not see all of the details of the firebox while your fire is not going. When you have guests over you will not need to worry about an unattractive fireplace because you did not completely clean out your firebox. You will also not see the residue that starts to form on the glass from burning as quickly either. Also featured is a hidden draft control on the bottom of the frame. This allows you to control the input and output of the air flow to your firebox.

Completing its sleek design is a 4” frame with a black satin finish. The frame is hollow on the inside and constructed of anodized aluminum. It is a very heavy duty material to be able to withstand the high heats from your fire. Also attached to the frame is a center spring wedge lock so when you close your door it keeps it securely fastened and you do not have to worry about them just coming open. The Celebrity Stock Fireplace Door keeps your fireplace and hearth looking attractive and inviting.

The Celebrity Stock Fireplace Door comes with everything that you need to install this door complete. A 19 ga. Mesh hanging screen is included with this door. The mesh curtain is a fine woven style mesh to ensure that you have the maximum protection from those popping embers coming into your room. Also included is a thick insulation to be place behind the frame during installation for a snug fit into your fireplace opening.

This door is a great option for your fireplace so you can stop losing that money by all of your heat going up your chimney. With the Celebrity Stock Fireplace Door you get a fast and effective solution.

We hope you found this information helpful. To purchase your Celebrity Stock Fireplace Door visit, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee.

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