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Fireplaces are the central focus in many homes. They serve as the gathering spot during holiday parties or on any cold, winter day. Fireplaces bring warmth and beauty and inspire a visceral sense of peacefulness and comfort. They can also be sort of a mess and sometimes difficult to manage. »

Choose a Fireplace Rug to Compliment your Hearth

Hi, I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and I am here with some helpful information for you while you are choosing your fireplace or fireplace rug this season. Rugs keep your feet warm and prevent you from slipping on slick tiles but some serve a more specific purpose such as protecting »

Hearth Rugs - How To Choose The Best One For Your Home

Video Highlights: 0:10 Purpose of a Hearth Rug 0:32 What to look for 0:45 The 3 main types of hearth rugs 0:48 Wool Hearth Rugs 1:13 Fiberglass Hearth Rugs 1:54 Synthetic Fiber Hearth Rugs 2:37 The 3 basic shapes Hi, I am Melissa »