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Save up to $400 a Year on Heating Costs with the Chimney Balloon

Did you know that you could be losing money by not using your fireplace? Are you looking to save hundreds of dollars in lost energy costs each year? The average homeowner spends about $400 annually in wasted energy because of air leaks into and out of the home thru a »

Reasons Why Installing Fireplace Doors Will Benefit Your Family and Home

Video Highlights: 0:24 Two Main Benefits of Fireplace Doors 0:35 How Fireplace Doors protect your family and home 1:25 How Fireplace Doors increase energy efficiency 1:51 Other Benefits of Fireplace Doors 2:18 Contact Customer Service Did you know that each year, thousands of homeowners suffer »

Save on Heating Costs With Our Fireplace Draft Guard

Video Highlights 0:14 What is a Draft Guard? 0:25 What size fireplaces will it work for? 0:30 How to use it 0:41 Features of the Draft Guard Hi, I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and I am here with a 40’’ by 32’’ Fireplace Opening Draft Guard. »