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0:14 What is a Draft Guard?
0:25 What size fireplaces will it work for?
0:30 How to use it
0:41 Features of the Draft Guard

Hi, I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and I am here with a 40’’ by 32’’ Fireplace Opening Draft Guard.

This premium fireplace opening draft guard is going to help keep those cold drafts out when your fireplace in not in use, and I am sure if you have that going on you are absolutely fed up with it.

This Draft Guard to keep heated air inside of your home and prevent cool air from entering your heated living space when your chimney is not in use. This cover is going to cover that opening to prevent that from happening. If you are not covering the opening of your fireplace when it is not in use, there is a good chance you are losing hundreds of energy dollars per year in energy loss.

This Fireplace Draft Guard is going to work for fireplace openings that are up to 40’’ wide and 32’’ high, and this draft guard requires no assembly and is easy to use. Simply take it out of the box, unfold it and place it over the opening of your fireplace. When doing so you are preventing that flow of cold air into your home.

The Draft Guard features durable wrought iron construction and has a black powder coat finish, that not only enhances the beauty of this product it also enhances the quality of the product by making it resistant to scratches and wear from everyday use. It also fold completely flat for storage when it is not in use.

It is another great product from NorthlineExpress, home of the buy and try satisfaction guarantee and do not forget we are also your one stop shop for all of your hearth accessories.

Get your fireplace draft guard…