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Pellet Stoves Benefits and Why to Install One in your Home

To keep with the trend of reducing heating costs that we have been talking about, today we are going to discuss the pros of heating with pellet stoves. Pellets stoves are still considered to be part of the wood burning appliances. They just burn a different form of wood fuel. »

Top 5 Tips for Having the Most Efficient Fire Possible

Get the Most out of a Wood Burner with an Efficient Fire While sitting in front of a beautiful burning wood fire is cozy and nostalgic there is a lot of controversy over burning wood fires because of the pollutants that are given off into the air. Some areas have »

What Are The Benefits of Using Gel Fuel

Video Highlights: 0:21 What is Gel Fuel 1:13 Gel Fuel does produce heat 1:31 Realistic Flame 1:43 Crackling sound while burning 1:59 Is Gel Fuel Safe to Use? 2:27 Does Gel Fuel put off any odors? 2:58 How many cans may be burned »