To keep with the trend of reducing heating costs that we have been talking about, today we are going to discuss the pros of heating with pellet stoves. Pellets stoves are still considered to be part of the wood burning appliances. They just burn a different form of wood fuel.

Pellets stoves heat by burning pellets that are made of tightly compressed wood particles. Some pellet stoves can even burn other fuel sources like corn or cherry pits. These stoves tend to be smaller than traditional wood stoves but put out a great amount of heat. Also, you do not need as much space to store the fuel supply for a pellet stove as you do for storing firewood.

So are you asking yourself right now, “Why should I heat with a Pellet Stove? What makes it so different?” Well, let me give you some reasons why you should consider adding a pellet stove to your home.


Benefits of Heating with Pellet Stoves

There are many benefits that come along with heating your home with a pellet stove. Some homeowners are not completely aware of what these benefits really are so I am going to cover some of the most common, general benefits that most pellet stoves offer.

Saves you money in heating costs.

While the initial cost of purchasing a pellet stove and the exhaust system can be a shocker the overall cost will be immense. Most efficient pellet stove cost approximately $4 per day to heat your home.

Environmentally Friendly

The fuels for pellet stoves are all made of renewable resources. Pellets, as I mentioned earlier, are made of wood, corn, or cherry pits. The wood pellets are formed from compacted sawdust and related industrial wastes from the milling of lumber. This way even the smallest particles of trees are being used and is not being wasted.

Less of a Mess

Unlike with a wood stove, there is very little mess involved in storing and loading a pellet stove. Storing the fuel for a pellet stove is easy because it is all contained in large plastic bags. When you purchase pellet stove fuel you can either purchase them by the bag or by the ton which is stored on a pallet and shrink wrapped to keep it neat and secured.

Clean Burning

Pellet stoves do not produce smoke and leave behind very little ash. This is a big benefit over a wood stove because you will have much less ash to remove from the stove. There will not be excess amount of ash to dispose of or store for use.

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