Hello I’m Melissa from NorthlineExpress and today I would like to share some facts with you that you will enjoy knowing if you are considering purchasing a wood heating unit for your home. With costs of heat fuel sources like oil, natural gas, propane, and electricity seeming to only be on the rise, consumers are starting to reconsider the renewable fuel resource, wood.

Wood fires are not only cozy and attractive but with stricter EPA certification requirements, wood stoves are more environmentally friendly than those of the past. I want to cover the top reasons that you should be burning wood today. Which involve so much more than just heating your home.

Video Highlights: 0:09 Reasons to Heat with Wood 0:35 Wood is a Renewable Resource 0:49 Burning wood does NOT contribute to Global Warming 1:18 Keep Heat in a Storm 1:44 Provides Radiant Heat 1:58 Relaxing Environment 2:09 Keeps you Aware of Heating Costs 2:43 Allows you to Zone Heat 3:10 Stimulates Local Economies 3:24 Cheapest Heat Source

Top Reasons to Heat with Wood

  • First of all, wood is a renewable resource, meaning that the supply of wood will not run out. The energy that heats you when you burn wood is actually energy from the sun that is stored by the tree as it grows. When you burn the wood that stored energy is released and provides you heat.
  • Burning wood does not contribute to global warming. Fuels like oil and natural gas pump carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere and it is a one way trip because fossils do not reuse that carbon dioxide. When you burn wood you also release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, however because young trees need carbon dioxide to grow they recycle it rather than it just being released into the atmosphere.
  • If a storm is to interrupt the electrical supply, conventional heating systems are useless. This means that centralized energy sources are not 100% reliable. If you were to heat with wood and loose power you will continue to be able to heat your home. In a power outage your woods stove will also provide light and can allow you to cook!
  • Wood burning in a wood stove will provide radiant heat which is comparable to the feeling that you get from the rays of the sun. It will warm you through and through. Wood fires also provide a soft glow which adds intimacy to a setting. Gazing into your dancing flames also allows you to let your mind wander and take a break from the rush of the world.
  • Heating with wood helps make you aware of the cost it takes to keep your family warm. With conventional heating methods when you’re cold you absentmindedly turn up the thermostat. What you do not think about is; what did that cost, what did it take to get that energy, what is the effect on the rest of the world? When you heat with wood you become aware of how long that armload of wood will provide you heat for and you are more aware of how much it takes to heat your home.
  • Even if you are not 100% heating your home with wood you can still use it for zone heating. For example if you spend most of your time in your living room adding a woods stove can keep that area cozy and allow you to turn the thermostats down in the areas that you spend less time in. On average space heating with wood can clip 25% of your energy costs, regardless of what you pay for your energy.
  • When you heat with wood it allows you to invest in your community. If you are not cutting and gathering your own firewood you are purchasing it from someone within your community and helping to stimulate your local economy rather than helping a corporate giant.
  • Finally, if you do not live in a large city, wood is the cheapest fuel that you can use for heating your home. Heating with wood is often considered out dated but it is about so much more than just heating your home. It is a tangible way to express self-reliance and the courage to resist the trends and appeal of push button convenience. I like to think of it like this, if dozens of homes in an area decided to save money by heating with would they would save hundreds of dollars a year. That money saved would likely be spent and in turn support their local economy.

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I hope that you have found this information helpful, and that it has provided you with information into the other benefits of heating with wood besides just saving money! If you have questions about wood stoves or heating with wood, please give us a call at 866-667-8454. At NorthlineExpress, home of the “Buy and Try” Satisfaction Guarantee, we’re always happy to help!

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