Enjoying the warmth of a burning fireplace is a wonderful thing during a cold brisk night. Having a fireplace that includes a blower makes it so much easier to fully enjoy the heat that is given off from the fireplace without having to sit right in front of the hearth.

Not all fireplaces include a blower when they are constructed or installed though. A blower is something you should take into consideration when you are thinking about adding a fireplace to your home or construction plans. However, a blower can be installed after the fact for some fireplaces.

Installing a blower helps improve the efficiency of the fireplace so you get more for your investment. It is definitely something that you would want to have when utilizing your fireplace.

Of course a fireplace blower is not going to last forever, especially if you are using it consistently during the colder months. What do you do when it finally goes out? Just say oh well and continue using it that way? Absolutely not! There are a couple different options that you have.

Options for when a Fireplace Blower stops working:

  • Leave it alone, continue burning in the fireplace and do nothing (Not Recommended)
  • Call the manufacturer for a replacement blower. This option is most likely going to be the most costly. As with anything, parts from the manufacturer are going to take more of a toll on your pocket book.
  • Call us for an aftermarket Replacement Blower that is of equal quality but will not cost an arm and a leg.

Now that you know what your options are let’s discuss what you need to know before calling our customer service team to order a replacement blower.

Questions you will be asked for a Replacement Blower

Who is the manufacturer of your fireplace and what model do you have?

  • Look for any markings that would tell you what brand of fireplace you have installed. If you have a prefabricated gas fireplace installed there could be a tag underneath the firebox by the shut off valve that has this information on it.

Do you need just the replacement blower or the complete kit with the wiring and/or mounting plate?

  • If your fireplace already has a blower installed chances are that you will need just the replacement blower. However, if you are just now installing a blower into the existing fireplace unit you will probably need the connecting wires and mounting hardware too.

What are the measurements of the blower opening on your fireplace?

  • This question will be asked if you call in and do not know who manufactured your fireplace or the model number of the fireplace. You should have the exact measurements of the wide and length of the opening on the fireplace and also the distance between screw holes. Knowing this will help to narrow down what blower will work for your fireplace.