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Johnny Beard Fireplace Bellows - The Best on the Market

If you are in the market for a new fireplace bellow boy do we have a line for you to look at! The Johnny Beard Company offers a large selection of beautifully handcrafted bellows. Each bellow is made from only the finest of woods. The Johnny Beard Company The use »

Comparing Ecofan Models: 812 AirMax VS. 810 UltrAir

Video Highlights: 0:09 We offer 2 different models 0:14 3 color options 0:18 812 AirMax 0:57 810 UltrAir 1:36 Warranty 1:42 Air Movement 1:47 Comparison summary Hello I am Melissa from and I am here to give you some information on »

ComfortGeni Fans Circulate Warm Air Throughout the Home

Video Highlights: 0:13 Struggles of heating with wood 0:36 What are ComfortGeni Fans 0:50 Cost and Energy Efficiency 2:01 Easily Installation 2:17 Improves comfort of the room 2:30 The different models and features 3:09 Three primary applications Most homes are using natural gas »