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0:13 Struggles of heating with wood
0:36 What are ComfortGeni Fans
0:50 Cost and Energy Efficiency
2:01 Easily Installation
2:17 Improves comfort of the room
2:30 The different models and features
3:09 Three primary applications

Most homes are using natural gas or electric heating systems but more than 1/3 of Americans are relying on fireplaces, wood stoves, or pellet stoves as a primary heat source. If you use a wood heat you know the wonders of its warmth but unfortunately most of these appliances can usually only heat the room that they are located in. Most homes, old and new, experience temperature differences from room to room. Depending on the season and several factors within the home, such as inadequate insulation and infiltration in unfinished attics, basements or room additions, these fluctuations can mean wearing sweaters in one room and shorts in another.

That is where Comfort Genie Fans can help. They are easy-to-install, through the wall fans that increases airflow from room to room or level to level, enabling consumers to enjoy the warmth from their fireplace, wood, or pellet stove in any room. They are engineered to increase the area that wood, pellet and gas appliances heat, while using no more electricity than a 14-watt light bulb and costs less than $5 a year to operate. Comfort Genie Fans were also named “Best Hearth Accessory” in Hearth & Home magazine’s 2012 Vesta Awards.

Bernie Pierce, president of Comfort Genie stated “Heating and cooling uses more energy and costs more money than any other system in your home, typically, 56 percent of your utility bill goes toward heating and cooling. The ComfortGeni makes central HVAC systems and auxiliary heating and cooling appliances more effective, which can drastically reduce your monthly utility bill while improving the comfort of your home”

ComfortGeni fans are one of the most advanced tools available for moving warmth and save energy by:

  • Maximizing the area your wood or pellet stove heats
  • Reducing the need for additional sources of heat by balancing warmth
  • Using energy efficient DC motors to achieve a total running cost of just $5.00 per year
  • Boosting airflow from your HVAC system up to 60%

Each of these factors enables you to further reduce your dependence on expensive fossil fuels and maximizes the effect of carbon-neutral wood and pellet stoves.

These fans are easily installed by any DIY home owner into your wall or installed in existing registers helping to balance the temperatures from room to room or level to level. They have neutral and attractive finish that blends well into any decor and fits flush to the wall, floor or ceiling. This register booster fan improves the comfort of the room for both heating and cooling, for just pennies a day. The library-quiet DC fans are much quieter and cost less to operate, plus they last longer than those with AC motors.

We offer two models; the ComfortGeni 6XR Fan and the ComfortGeni 4X Fan. Both the ComfortGeni 6XR & 4X fans features built-in programmable temperature sensors with automatic ON/OFF allowing operation only when source temperature produces the benefit you need this is nice so that you are not wasting energy moving cool air around. The 6XR fan is remote controlled and has a higher fan speed. The 6XR fan fits standard 6” x 10” or 6” x 12” register opening. The 4X fan fits standard 4” x 10” register opening, but has optional trim adaptors enable it to fit larger register openings.

ComfortGeni fans have 3 primary applications room to room air flow, level to level air flow, and acting as a register booster for existing HVAC systems. You know how much wonderful warmth and comfort a wood, pellet or gas stove brings to a room. ComfortGeni lets you move the warmth to other rooms and levels, making the whole house toasty. The more you distribute the warmth, the more energy and money you save!

Comfort Genie Fans are one of the most advanced tools available for moving air within your home. They are also another great product from NorthlineExpress, home of the buy and try satisfaction guarantee.

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