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0:15 Introducing the Eco Fans
0:24 Heat powered
0:36 How it works
0:58 Effects the wood stoves efficiency
1:41 Scenario of how it effects the efficiency
2:06 Why you would benefit from an Eco Fan
2:12 Comparison to a woodstove blower
4:01 No cost to run an Eco Fan

Are you looking for a fan for your wood stove that can improve warm air circulation and decrease your wood stoves fuel consumption without costing a lot to run? I’m Melissa from NorthlineExpress and today I will be introducing you to a line of products that will do just that, the Eco-Fans! Eco fans are heat-powered stove fans that are designed to circulate warm air produced by your wood stove, and cost nothing to run!

One of the greatest and most unique aspects of the Eco Fan wood stove fans is that they are heat-powered and do not use electricity. Rather, they are heat-powered. Even though it may seem like magic making the Eco Fan run, it’s actually science. These fans have a thermoelectric module which acts as a small generator to power the fan’s motor. When this generator module experiences a heat differential between its top and bottom surfaces, it pumps out electricity. The base of the fan heats the bottom surface of the module, while the top of the module is kept cooler by the fan’s top cooling fins.

The Eco Fan also has the power to increase your wood stoves efficiency. Now before you start asking how this is logically possible, let me explain that I understand that there are MANY variables that can affect the stoves efficiency and I am not saying that this product will directly affect the amount of wood that you will burn. What I am saying that the Eco Fan will affect the burn rate of your stove, decreasing it. With an Eco Fan, warm air is circulated directly into the living area rather than having most of the stove’s heat rise immediately to the ceiling, thereby increasing the heating efficiency of your stove by increasing thermal comfort. Here’s a good scenario; one of the homes hardest areas to heat is usually the floor and heat rises naturally only adding to the issue. What the Eco Fans do is circulate the heat from the stove out into the living area to mix with that cooler air making it more comfortable. You feel more comfortable because you feel the warmer air because it is directed to you rather than it just rising to the ceiling. You will feel warmer faster and longer!

Ok I know that some of you are out there thinking “I already have a blower on my woodstove so why do I need this? Isn’t it the same thing?” and that is a justified question. There are difference between the eco fan and a standard wood stove blower like noise, cost of operation, and having to turn it on and off.

Let’s start with discussing the noise levels. Most wood stove blowers have or can add a 100 CFM fan or higher which have about a 34-39 decibel sound rating. That translates to the sound of a bathroom fan and varies depending on the blower. An Eco Fan is virtually silent!

Next less talk operation. Most standard blowers are going to require being turned on an off or an accessory added to only turn the blower on when the stove is at temperature. Who cares about having to turn on a fan? It’s not so much having to turn the fan on it’s the scenarios like this that matter in the morning when you wake up and the fire has died down but your blower is still blowing, and now it’s moving cold air!! Operation is fuss free with the eco fan; it starts automatically and adjusts its speed with the stove temperature. As the stove heats up, it runs faster to move more warm air into the room. As the stove burns down and cools, it automatically shuts off. I’ve heard people object to claims that the eco fan works because you cannot feel the air moving like you would from a high velocity fan. That’s actually part of the design. Think about it this way, its 90 degrees out and you have no air conditioning. You’re sweating so you grab you fan and crank it up to catch some relief. Now even though you’re moving hot air doesn’t that still make you feel cooler? Now why would that concept change just because the temperatures are cooler? It doesn’t. The unique Ecofan blade is designed to deliver a broad cross section of gentle warm air movement to avoid uncomfortable drafts.

And lastly, I dare you to find a woodstove fan or blower that plugs in and cost less to run than an eco-fan. You won’t because these fans cost nothing to operate! Using the heat from the stove, the Ecofan is the most economical way to effectively circulate warm air. Another added bonus no cables, plugs or batteries required. Eco fans also will outperform a standard wood stove blower when the power is out because they do not need electricity to move that warm air!

Eco fans can be used in addition to your stove blower as well. I currently use both because my living room is to the right of my stove and the blower only directs the air to the front of the stove. I turn the eco fan to face the living area and sit back and enjoy the warmth!

I hope that you have found this information helpful and that I have left you with only one question; “What eco fan should I get?” Don’t worry we won’t leave you hanging we have a handy video talking about choosing an Ecofan.

These EcoFans are all great products from NorthlineExpress, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee.

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