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Hello, I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress here to introduce you to our most popular room to room doorway fan. Why would you need a door way fan? Too move heated air into other rooms so you are not left sweating in one room while freezing in another. They are also great for moving cool air in the warmer months throughout your home. Another nice benefit is that it is much quieter than other doorway fans and is much less of a tripping hazard or eye sore compared to a standard box fan.

Customers rave about the marvelous Super Quiet® Fan. The fact is, the Super Quiet® Fan is rapidly becoming a standard home heating product for anyone with a wood stove, coal stove or fireplace–even air conditioning. The immense popularity of the Super Quiet® Fan is attributable to its high performance capacity and surprisingly low noise level. The Super Quiet® Fan is a model of efficiency. Installed correctly, it uses the principles of convection to perfection. Although it is tiny in size (only 4 11/16″ sq.), the Super Quiet® Fan moves an impressive 50 cubic feet of air per minute. Strategically mounted, the Super Quiet® Fan produces a constant, even air transfer between rooms. Unobtrusive, yet efficient, this amazing little fan eliminates hot and cold pockets, maximizing the capacity of woodstoves and air conditioners. We continue to test and sample many other makes and models of fans, but we are still absolutely convinced that the Super Quiet® Fan is the best available.

The discussion of low CFM fans (50-70) versus high CFM (100-120) still continues, so how does the super quiet fan compare to a high CFM fan and can it do the job? This 50 CFM fan is rated at a sound level of 24 db, and is barely noticeable while running. 100 CFM fans are rated at 38 db and have a higher noise level, comparable to the noise put off by a bathroom fan. In addition to the sound level, 100 CFM fans can create uncomfortable drafts because they are moving too much air too fast. The Super Quiet® features an unconditional one-year guarantee, two protective finger guards, all cast metal frame & blades, clips for attaching power cord to mounting surface, 12 ft. cord with in-line switch and swivel mounting hardware.

The Super Quiet® fan comes out of the box ready to use. You simply have to attach the metal finger guards with the raised portion out and then plug in the power cord. If you put the finger guards on backwards you may notice that the fan blades will not spin. This fan is ideal for mounting in a doorway to transfer heat quickly to adjoining rooms. The bracket allows air-flow to be directed for ideal heating efficiency and even distribution. The super quiet door way fan is another great product from NorthlineExpress, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee.

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