woodstove accessories

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Introducing the Heat Powered Eco Fan

Video Highlights: 0:15 Introducing the Eco Fans 0:24 Heat powered 0:36 How it works 0:58 Effects the wood stoves efficiency 1:41 Scenario of how it effects the efficiency 2:06 Why you would benefit from an Eco Fan 2:12 Comparison to a woodstove blower »

Hearth Accessories Are A Must For A Well Prepared Burning Season!

Video Highlights: 0:26 Developing Creosote 0:35 Creosote Removers and Control Products 0:48 Fireplace Grates 1:01 Lifetime Fireplace Grate 1:19 FireStarters 1:35 Fatwood 1:56 Rutlands Safe Lite Firestarters 2:34 Fireplace Screens and Doors 2:53 Celebrity Stock Door 3:28 KidCo Configure Gate »