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5 Most Common Repairs for a Masonry Chimney

Download the PDF Keep your masonry chimney operating at its maximum potential with regular maintenance and repairs. Many times a homeowner does not think about the masonry chimney other than to perform an annual cleaning right before the burning season. If a masonry chimney is not been regularly maintained a »

DIY Chimney Liner 2015 Spring Promotion

Video Highlights: 0:08 DIY Chimney Liner Kits 0:18 Lowest Prices and Fully Covered 0:25 Sold as kits 0:39 DIY Chimney Promotion Details 0:49 Smooth Wall and Single Wall Available Are you looking to reline your chimney or install a fireplace insert in your fireplace? Now »

Save Big On DIY Chimney liner Kits During Our November 2014 Promotion

Video Highlights: 0:01 Reasons to reline your chimney 0:16 DIY Chimney liner Kit Promotion 0:23 Kits include 0:34 Warranty Chimney re-lining is generally needed when a masonry chimney has been damaged, unsafe or un-repairable or the appliance being connected to the chimney requires a liner. I »