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0:01 Reasons to reline your chimney
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Chimney re-lining is generally needed when a masonry chimney has been damaged, unsafe or un-repairable or the appliance being connected to the chimney requires a liner. I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress here to let you in on a great promotion that we have going on for DIY chimney liner kits. From November 1st – November 15th Purchase a DIY Chimney liner Kit and save $100 instantly.

With our DIY Chimney Liner Kits you will have all the components needed to reline your chimney and you will not break the bank! If you follow our step by step installation instructions & tips in our buyers guide, any ‘do it yourself-er’ can handle it. A DIY chimney liner kit is great for the average homeowner to be able to easily reline their own chimney with out having to pay an expensive contractor to do the job for you.

Besides saving hundreds, your DIY Chimney Liner kit will also be backed by a lifetime warranty. This lifetime warranty is even transferable to the next homeowner, even if you install it yourself. Installing a DIY Chimney Liner kit yourself is already going to save you hundreds but do not miss out on the Extra $100 off Through November 15th. It is another great promotion from NorthlineExpress home of the buy and try satisfaction guarantee.

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