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5 Ways to Save on Your Heating Bill

Northline Express wants to show you 5 ways to save on your heating bill this winter and for many winters to come. Wood Stoves are a great investment that will provide warmth for your family, while dramatically reducing home heating costs. When purchasing a new wood stove, always keep in »

Save Time and Money with Smooth Wall DIY Chimney Liner Kits

Hi, I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and I am here to tell you about our Do It Yourself or DIY Chimney Liner kits. The particular kits that we are going to discuss today are Smooth Wall DIY Chimney Liner kits with the Tee Adapter. The DIY Chimney Liner kits are »

Corrugated Single Wall vs Smooth Double Wall Chimney Liner

Hi I am Robert from NorthlineExpress and today I am here to talk to you about chimney liner. Chimney liner is used to reline a masonry chimney when the flue has begun to deteriorate or when a fireplace has been installed. It is most commonly constructed of aluminum or stainless »

Benefits of Relining a Chimney Flue with a Flex Chimney Liner

Download the PDF If you own a masonry chimney I am sure that you have heard of metal chimney liners but what you may not know is when a metal chimney flue liner should be installed. The health of a chimney’s flue liner is vital to the functionality of »

DIY Chimney Liner 2015 Spring Promotion

Video Highlights: 0:08 DIY Chimney Liner Kits 0:18 Lowest Prices and Fully Covered 0:25 Sold as kits 0:39 DIY Chimney Promotion Details 0:49 Smooth Wall and Single Wall Available Are you looking to reline your chimney or install a fireplace insert in your fireplace? Now »

Save Big On DIY Chimney liner Kits During Our November 2014 Promotion

Video Highlights: 0:01 Reasons to reline your chimney 0:16 DIY Chimney liner Kit Promotion 0:23 Kits include 0:34 Warranty Chimney re-lining is generally needed when a masonry chimney has been damaged, unsafe or un-repairable or the appliance being connected to the chimney requires a liner. I »

DIY Chimney Liner Single Wall Kit with Stovetop Adapter

[Download the PDF]( Video Highlights 0:07 Type of kit 0:12 When to choose this kit 0:26 Single Wall Liner 0:31 Available Lengths and Cutting 0:44 Flexibility 1:06 What the kit includes 1:52 Economical 2: »

DIY Smooth-Wall Chimney Liner Kit with Stove Adapter - Double Wall

[Download the PDF]( Video Highlights 0:15 Available lengths and cutting 0:22 Economical 0:27 Quality 0:32 UL Listing and Construction 0:41 What you are going to get in the kit Hi, I am Melissa from Northline Express »

Install a DIY Chimney Liner Start to Finish

Video Highlights 0:18 Kit includes 0:37 First step before starting install 1:20 Cutting to length 3:04 Insulating the Chimney Liner 4:29 How to lower into the chimney 5:40 Next Step will be to install the adapter into the appliance 6:00 Attaching the appliance »

How to Insulate Chimney Liner

Video Highlights 0:17 Nationwide regulation 0:21 Reason for insulating 0:46 Other supplies needed 1:23 Applying the Insulation 5:00 Applying the Mesh Hi I am Robert from Northline Express. We are going to talk about how to insulate your chimney liner. It is a nationwide regulation »