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Hi I am Robert from Northline Express. We are going to talk about how to insulate your chimney liner. It is a nationwide regulation that you have to insulate a chimney liner. The regulation is that the insulation has to be ½’’ thick around the chimney liner.

Insulating your chimney liner enables the flue to heat up faster and to a higher temperature. Not only will this increase the draft of your chimney, less fuel will be wasted and less creosote will build up inside your chimney. These are three very good reasons we say “Yes, you need chimney liner insulation!”

The other items that you will need for this installation are a multipurpose foil tape to hold the insulation in place on the liner and also a roll of mess to hold the insulation in place and protect it while installing the liner down into the chimney.

Step 1:
Once you have your chimney liner cut to length and laid out straight, roll out your 1/2″ blanket insulation and cut it to length. The insulation should be about 1ft. shorter than the liner. Remove and discard the protective paper from the insulation.

Step 2:
The next thing that you will need to do to insulate your liner is to lay the liner on the insulation and begin wrapping the insulation around the liner. We recommend using small pieces of the aluminum tape to hold the insulation in place while you wrap the liner. Once you have the liner wrapped apply the aluminum tape to the entire length of the insulation seam. Be gentle while pulling the insulation around the liner to prevent it from tearing. If you do tear the insulation, apply an extra piece of aluminum tape to secure the tear.

Step 3:
Now that you have the insulation wrapped and tapped you will now apply the ProMesh. This is designed to hold the insulation in place and also to protect the insulation from tearing during installation. This will be easiest with the assistance of another person. Take one end of the mesh and open it up and slide it over the insulated liner. Gently pull the mesh over the entire length of the liner. We recommend that you fold in any sharp edges, or apply duct tape, to the cut end of the liner. This will prevent the mesh from catching on the sharp edges and make applying the mesh easier.

Step 4:
Once you have pulled the mesh over the entire length of your liner you will want to pull the mesh as tight as you can. Pulling the mesh is going to allow it to stay in place better. Once the mesh is pulled tight cut the mesh to length.

If you follow the steps that we have provided, you should be able to insulate your liner like a pro. Make sure that you check out our Chimney Liner Learning Center to find even more how to videos and articles on chimney liners.

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