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DIY Chimney Liner Single Wall Kit with Stovetop Adapter

[Download the PDF]( Video Highlights 0:07 Type of kit 0:12 When to choose this kit 0:26 Single Wall Liner 0:31 Available Lengths and Cutting 0:44 Flexibility 1:06 What the kit includes 1:52 Economical 2: »

DIY Smooth-Wall Chimney Liner Kit with Stove Adapter - Double Wall

[Download the PDF]( Video Highlights 0:15 Available lengths and cutting 0:22 Economical 0:27 Quality 0:32 UL Listing and Construction 0:41 What you are going to get in the kit Hi, I am Melissa from Northline Express »

Install a DIY Chimney Liner Start to Finish

Video Highlights 0:18 Kit includes 0:37 First step before starting install 1:20 Cutting to length 3:04 Insulating the Chimney Liner 4:29 How to lower into the chimney 5:40 Next Step will be to install the adapter into the appliance 6:00 Attaching the appliance »

How to Insulate Chimney Liner

Video Highlights 0:17 Nationwide regulation 0:21 Reason for insulating 0:46 Other supplies needed 1:23 Applying the Insulation 5:00 Applying the Mesh Hi I am Robert from Northline Express. We are going to talk about how to insulate your chimney liner. It is a nationwide regulation »

What Type Of Chimney Liner Should You Use?

Video Highlights 0:10 Two types of Liner 0:21 Single wall corrugated liner 0:40 Smooth Double wall liner 1:02 Cleaning 1:12 Reduce Creosote buildup 1:41 Choosing the type of kit Hi I am Robert from Northline Express. I am here to talk about chimney liner »

Why Should I Line My Chimney?

Video Highlights 0:17 Why use a chimney liner 1:01 Install a fireplace insert 1:13 Nationwide law 1:22 Old installation of insert 1:30 Problem with old installation 2:20 Benefits for homeowners Hi everybody I am Robert from Northline Express. Today we are going to explain »