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Hi, I am Melissa from Northline Express and today I am here to tell you about our Do It Yourself or DIY Chimney Liner kits. The particular kit that we are going to discuss today is Single Wall or Corrugated Chimney Liner kit with the Straight/Stove Top Adapter. This kit is available in a 25 ft. length or a 35 ft. length as well. You will choose the length that will be best suit your installation and then you will cut it to length according to the run of your chimney.

Now this is single wall chimney liner so it is corrugated which that means it also going to be a little bit flexible so you can squish or field ovalize the liner if you need to get past your damper. If you choose not to ovalize the liner we do also sell a 4 ft. oval section that will allow you to get past that damper and connect right to the round liner.

What you are going to get in the DIY Single Wall Chimney Liner Kit with Stove Adapter:

The DIY Single Wall Chimney Liner and components that you will need to install your chimney liner will come all together in one convenient package. The package will include:

Chimney Liner – This single wall liner is going to come nicely wrapped so it is easy to move around until you are ready to install your chimney liner.

Chimney Cap – The cap is going to sit on top of your chimney and it is also going to have a Spark Arrestor on the cap to prevent any type of pests or animal from getting in when not in use and is also going to help protect your roof and surrounding area from those flying embers. Some areas require you to have a Spark Arrestor so it is a nice feature to have.

Base Plate – This component is going to sit on top of your crown of the masonry chimney and allow your single wall liner to connect at the top of your run and it is also where your cap is going to connect to your chimney lining system as well.

Stove Top Adapter – This particular adapter is a straight adapter that is used for a fireplace insert that has a top vent or an angled vent. It would also be used for those types of venting woodstoves as well.

The DIY Single Wall Chimney Liner kits are going to be absolutely the most economical way that you can reline your chimney and have a 100% Lifetime Warranty. There is no catch; whether you have this professionally installed or you decide to make a weekend project of it and install it yourself you are still backed by the Lifetime Warranty.

I know what you are also wondering, I said economical so does that mean cheap? Yes it is cheaper but do not worry about the quality being cheap as well. That is absolutely not the case with the DIY Chimney Liner. This is a completely UL Listed chimney liner system and it is also constructed of 316 grade stainless steel. So it is just as good of quality as any other liner on the market.

The DIY Single Wall Chimney Liner kit is another great product from Northline Express, home of the “Buy and Try” Satisfaction Guarantee.

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