Hi, I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and I am here to tell you about our Do It Yourself or DIY Chimney Liner kits. The particular kits that we are going to discuss today are Smooth Wall DIY Chimney Liner kits with the Tee Adapter. The DIY Chimney Liner kits are available in 25 ft. or 35 ft. lengths. You will choose the length that will be best suit your installation and then you will cut it to length according to the run length of your chimney.

Smooth Wall DIY Chimney Liner Kits

The DIY Chimney Liner kits are very economical but do not think that just because you are saving a ton of money that you will be getting less your quality. That is not the case with our DIY Chimney Liner kits. They are UL Listed and constructed of 316 stainless steel so they are going to be just as great as all of the other chimney liners on the market but they will be easier on your pocket book.

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The Smooth Wall DIY Chimney Liner kits are double walled construction. The DIY Chimney Liner kits are designed for long-lasting durability and longevity. The smooth inner wall of the DIY Chimney Liner system make chimney cleaning easier and delivers up to 20% greater draft over corrugated pipe. The double walled construction will assist the flue in maintaining a constant temperature which will help to increase your start up draft. A constant flue temperature will also help to decrease the amount of creosote build-up.

Included in the Kits

The DIY Chimney Liner components that you will need to install your chimney liner will come all together in one convenient package. The package will include:

Chimney Liner – It is going to come nicely wrapped so it is easy to move around until you are ready to install your chimney liner.

Chimney Cap – The cap is going to sit on top of your chimney and it is also going to have a Spark Arrestor on the cap to help protect your roof and surrounding area from those flying embers.

Base Plate – This component is going to sit on top of your chimney and allow your liner to connect at the top of your run and it is also where your cap is going to connect to your chimney lining system as well.

Tee Adapter – This particular adapter is used for a fireplace insert that has a rear vent or a masonry chimney that has a wood stove exhausting into it.

Remember when you are getting one of our DIY Chimney Liner kits you are not only saving money because you can install it yourself but you are also getting twice the quality of product. The DIY Chimney Liner kits is another great product from NorthlineExpress, home of the “Buy and Try” Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Download a PDF Version of the Benefits of Smooth Walled DIY Chimney Liner